Dilacak emerged as the runner-up in last year’s SparxUp competition in Jakarta. The Indonesian startup provides GPS-based solutions for tracking systems and fleet management for individual and corporate clients to increase their productivity, efficiency and secure their moving assets. They’ve been pretty quiet since the event last November, but co-founder Hana Abriyansyah managed to disclose some information with e27 on its plans to launch an app for Android this coming October, followed by iOS two months afterwards.

The team does not plan to launch an app for the BlackBerry platform yet, as they will focus in developing an update to the Dilacak web application by 2014, said Hana, who also works at Veritrans Infrastructure Security.

To date, the Dilacak reports to have 40 companies taking up majority of its business, and these are keen to improve and optimize their business productivity so they can focus on core business and strategic concerns.

Digging in deeper, the platform offers plenty of features. First and foremost is the automatic vehicle locator with real-time, live view monitoring. Users can observevehicle position and route in real-time through a web browser or through SMS indicators, including status in real time with current speed, direction and total distance traveled.

Dilacak Co-Founders Dindin Mulyana and Hana Abriyansyah

Dilacak Co-Founders Dindin Mulyana and Hana Abriyansyah

“What differentiates us from rivals is 10 second accuracy since our server is locally located at IIX,” Hana told e27 in a meeting one evening. “Our method of transmitting the data from GPS tracker are time based, distance base and angle based.”

For monitoring all routes and all vehicles in a single map page, users can utilize Route Monitoring Page and Multi Vehicle Monitoring features. The app also offers a history report available for the last three months for personal accounts, and three years for corporate accounts. These are accessible anytime, anywhere.

Using GPS for tracking will essentially include points of interest or POI. Users can mark specific destinations by marking the coordinate and personalizing the entry, so it’s only available to that user as  a private POI.

The traffic condition service is very useful in areas with extreme traffic congestion. Still in beta at this stage, this feature is available for Jakarta — a city notorious for its traffic jams.

If we need to set and schedule our vehicles to a particular destination, the app offers Route Scheduling, and users are able to monitor its progress as the vehicle travels. SMS alerts can be configured to be sent when the vehicle is on its way using time or distance as a parameter, or once a vehicle has arrived in its destination.

The app also offers security measures. One of the best things to do after knowing that your car is stolen is shutting down the engine remotely. Both shut down and re-activation can be simply done by SMS command. Additionally, the service’s fleet tracking system greatly reduces transportation costs by controlling fuel consumption through Fuel Sensor – Voltage Adjuster and eliminating wasteful idling.

Miscellaneous features include speed alert and reverse geocode. As it stands, if a vehicle breaks its defined speed limit or even is moved beyond designated areas, the system will send an alert until the irregularity ends.

To play with features, you might want to try the demo (user and password are both “demo”).

Featured image credits: Dilacak