e27- All time Global chart on Starcount

All time Global chart on Starcount

A place to find out today’s most popular social entertainment, Starcount counts activities from 11 of the biggest social networking sites in the world and aggregates data into dynamic charts.

The Singapore-based startup is also a place to discover and even connect with the world’s greatest entertainers.

Charts on Starcount gives users insights into who and what is the all time most popular, who or what is today’s most popular, and who and what are the ones to watch. Charts cover broad topics ranging from celebrities, politicians to travel destinations, and can even be further segmitized according to geographical location.

Levels of popularity on Starcount are based on two basic principles – Engagement and quantity. These data are then pulled from social networks, microblogs and video sharing. To prevent inaccuracy in the data, social activities that denote any sentiments are not factored in.

e27 - Starcount Logo

Starcount Logo

Within the next quarter of this year, Starcount is also expected to launch the fan charts; charts based on social gamifications, which will give users their own autonomy to create their own charts, and personalized their own contents. These fan charts will also chart the users themselves based on their popularity on social media.   This is in hopes of creating a “social media democracy” whereby fans can be active and become stars themselves. For example, Lady Gagita, a Filipino artist who is an extremely passionate double of Lady Gaga would probably be one of the contenders to top the Lady Gaga fan charts.

e27 - Lady's Gagita profile on Starcount

Lady's Gagita profile on Starcount

The idea will culminate into an ambitious event in 2013 whereby the “oscars of social media” will be held to celebrate the people at the top of the charts. This includes celebrities themselves, together with fans that are at the top of the fan charts meeting together in one event.

Other than merely providing charts, CEO of Starcount, Drew Thomson, also mentioned that Starcount is able to give “a tangential view to how people look at things” by being able to view all of the star’s recent social activities on one page.

Today marks the official launch of Starcount and a symbolic celebration of the journeys of many more discoveries to come.