Healthcare and medical startups have sprung around the region, with most apps and services focusing on scheduling and discovery. DoctorPage’s 2.0 release gives users an alternative way of consulting with doctors and healthcare professionals, turning consultations into a social activity while still maintaining the assurance that only capable professionals are answering your queries.

According to DoctorPage, its 2.0 release lets users ask their everyday questions on their health, and only certified medical practitioners and allied healthcare professionals from Singapore can post their responses. With a community-led moderation, DoctorPage hopes to be a safe and trusted environment for users. Users are also able to join ongoing conversations, as they can likewise pitch in.

The platform enables the service’s 1,500 panel physicians to engage directly with the audience. This also increases discoverability, as doctors can answer speciality-specific questions and even endorse fellow physicians based on specialization.

According to DoctorPage co-founder and CIO, Dr. Dawn Soo, this will help improve health literacy. “We see DoctorPage 2.0 as a first step towards achieving our vision of bringing reliable medical information and better quality care to the 500 million residents in Southeast Asia.”

DoctorPage screenshot

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Image Credit: DoctorPage