Ever wanted to watch a whole bunch of video clips but can’t find the time to?

Now you can with Anideo’s latest app, Denso.

What is Denso?

Denso is a video aggregator app that allows you to discover new videos from over 250 channels as well as those are shared by your friends on your social networks. A distinct feature for this app is that videos can be downloaded and watched later at your very own convenience.

Kudos to these features!


There are around 250+ video sources organized into a list of video categories like tech, news, music, comedy, business and others that make navigation easier. It is basically an aggregator of popular and interesting video sources. With these many video channels, I am not only able to keep updated with the latest videos from my favorite sources like TED, but also discover new videos with this app

Watch later, watch offline

There are seriously too many videos available on Denso from my favorite sources like TED, Stanford University and Techcrunch TV that I can’t wait to watch. Thankfully for the download and watch later feature, I no longer need to watch it rightaway. The best part is that I can watch it offline too!

Social video channel

After connecting to my Facebook and Twitter account, Denso automatically pulls videos posted by my friends who have shared on the social networks.

Suggestions for improvement:

Include duration of videos

Personally, I would find having this feature pretty useful for me to decide if I want to watch it now (if the video is short) or download and watch it later (for longer videos).

Search engine should allow both video and video channel searches

The current search engine only allows video channels searches. It would be good to allow a search for both as users do not know the hundreds of channels that are available on Denso. It is more intuitive for users like myself to search for a video- like how you would search for a video on YouTube

Indicate videos that are most watched/ downloaded/ recommended by other users

Certain channels like CNN have more than 1000 videos uploaded. I find it pretty annoying to have to scroll through all 1000+ videos to find one that is interesting and worth watching. It would be great to inform users of those that are popular and recommended to watch by other users. This will definitely save me the effort of having to scroll all the way down the list, wait for more videos to load again before scrolling down again for more.


Love this app! I can now watch the videos that I want at my own pace and time. No longer having to remind myself to watch a good video (and end up forgetting to) from the web or interesting ones shared on Facebook. It’ll be great if the above suggestions are taken into consideration. Will be using it often to catch videos that I’ve downloaded, while I’m on the go!

Denso is the second app developed by Anideo, a Singapore –based startup company backed by well-known Facebook Co-founder, Eduardo Saverin.

This review is written based on the use of the Android version of Denso ‘s mobile app.  Denso is available on both iOS (iPhone & iPad version) and Android.