(From L-R) Kumar Gaurav,  Mahesh Gidwani and Saumitra Kayal

(From L-R) Kumar Gaurav, Mahesh Gidwani and Saumitra Kayal

A few years ago Mahesh Gidwani, a Masters of Computer Applications graduate hailing from a remote village in Madhya Pradesh in central India, was looking for a good driving school for his wife after relocating to Bangalore. He found the process tedious as the system was highly unorganised. It was hard to find a school that had credibility and gave good value for money. To top it all, the difference in language — India is a diverse country with every state having an official language — created a huge barrier.

He wanted to find a solution to this problem. Enter DriveKool, a portal that helps locate a driving schools with the click of a button.

Finding a good driving school required a lot of efforts. Also, if you visited these places after work hours, there would be no one to give you appropriate information. I realised many others were facing similar problems, said Gidwani, Co-founder and CEO of driving schools booking platform DriveKool.

How it works?
After signing up, a user can choose the city, area and dates for taking driving classes from the drop-down menu on the site, and click the search button. The portal then lists the apt driving schools with availability, rates, duration of training and other details.

Users can then pick tentative slots with any driving school and book. After filling in personal details, the system sends e-mail and SMS confirmations to both parties.

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One can book for two-wheeler and four-wheeler driving tests and licences via the platform.

The service also facilitates other transportation-related services such as registration renewal, owner’s address change, etc.

While the services are free to customers, DriveKool charges driving schools a listing fee.

“Currently, we are available only in Bangalore, where we have partnered with over 60 driving schools. Till date, we have served more than 700 customers. We plan to take the services pan India after reaching a certain milestone,” added Gidwani.

According to the CEO, online booking also helps customers skirt unscrupulous elements and agencies who cheat people by providing poor services or charging them exorbitant rates.

Bootstrapped till date, the startup is also looking for venture investment in the near future.

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The startup was founded in March last year by the trio of Gidwani, Saumitra Kayal and Kumar Gaurav. Gidwani comes with over 15 years of experience with large corporates and startups from India and Silicon Valley, while Kayal is an expert in architecting enterprise solutions. Kumar worked as a business development professional before joining the firm as a Co-founder.

“Our aim is to transform the motor driving school industry the way redBus.in (a bus ticket booking site in India which was acquired by Naspers Group in 2012) revolutionised the bus industry in India,” he concluded.

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