Dropmysite, a Singapore based startup that offers internet backup solutions to your website and email, just announced its acquisition of OrbitFiles.com.

OrbitFiles is an US based website that has been performing cloud backup for almost 6 years. According to the press release, the acquisition by Dropmysite adds a database of 235,000 signups and the ‘wealth of their experience’ to its existing 676,000 users. This move to add more users to the service will also allow the development team to survey experienced backup users to hone existing backup products and to perfect future ones that are in the pipeline.

The terms of the deals are undisclosed. The Next Web just received an update from Dropmysite founder, John Fearon, that “the company is not acquiring employees as part of the deal, so this deal will not create a Dropmysite US office.”.

A quick search on OrbitFiles reveals that OrbitFiles were covered by some prominent websites such as LifeHacker back in 2008, SmashingApps as well as Gizmodo in 2009.  The last activity of OrbitFiles’ Twitter account was also made in October 2009, when they released one of their new features, and there has not been any news on OrbitFiles since then.

While Dropmysite claims that the acquisition aims to improve visibility for the company in North America, the inventory purchase will only be helpful for Dropmysite if there is a high number of active users for OrbitFiles. We have reached out to Dropmysite for further comments on this, and Peter Yu, publicist for Dropmysite told us that “OrbitFiles has always been active though it has slowed down considerably in the recent years. We are taking advantage of the fact that OrbitFiles has not progressed further. We look to bring innovation to OrbitFiles users and revitalize their backup experience.”

Read on for the official press release from Dropmysite.


For immediate release, Singapore, June 27th 2012 – Dropmysite just inked the deal to complete the acquisition of OrbitFiles.com, a cloud backup and sharing solution website. With this purchase, Dropmysite adds a database of 235,000 signups and the wealth of their experience to its existing 676,000 users.

Dropmysite, the most comprehensive email, website and database backup solution in the cloud owns Dropmysite.com, Dropmyemail.com, and now OrbitFiles.com. OrbitFiles.com is an US-based website that has been performing cloud backup for almost 6 years. It will be absorbed into Dropmysite, for an undisclosed sum, to further improve its existing products and enlarge its user base.

“This acquisition will allow us to leapfrog forward in our product roadmap,” beamed Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, Head of Product Development at Dropmysite.

This move to add more users to the service will also allow the development team to survey experienced backup users to hone existing backup products and to perfect future ones that are in the pipeline.

“Our current growth is based mostly on first time backup users. With OrbitFiles’ established domain and huge user database, we will gain credibility and seasoned backup users, ”says Vijeyakumaar.

He goes on to say, “The feedback on user experience and user interface that we will gain will be invaluable as we proceed to build our next products.”

By incorporating OrbitFiles.com, Dropmysite will not only continue but also improve on what made OrbitFiles.com successful in the first place. OrbitFiles.com’s users were promised easy and simple backup functions that they are accustomed to by downloading different backup programs. Dropmysite will be able to seamlessly replace that with its 2-click backup process, but without an additional program to download.

Also, the purchase of a US-based website will improve visibility for Dropmysite in North America. Over the next few weeks, Dropmysite aims to
convert the majority of OrbitFiles.com’s signups over to users. Previously, the biggest market for Dropmysite has been Asia (largely due to India and Indonesia) followed by South America. As a large proportion of OrbitFiles.com’s signups are in the US and Canada, who are now to be added
to Dropmysite, North America will likely becomes its 2nd biggest market.

The other benefit for snapping up OrbitFiles was to divert its site traffic to Dropmysite. In the recent past, OrbitFiles.com received glowing reviews from Lifehacker.com, Gizmodo and Downloadsquad.com. This good press allowed the word to spread and it grew rapidly to its current size. At one point, OrbitFiles.com was even in discussions to be bought out by Google. The domain, www.orbitfiles.com, will now be directed to www.dropmyemail.com.

In the grand scheme of things, Dropmysite is signaling its intent to expand further in the cloud backup space with this acquisition. Currently backing up 170 million emails daily or 18TBs of memory and counting, it would be imminent that the 1 million-user threshold will be crossed. This will establish Dropmysite’s desire to backup the Internet not just as a lofty goal to be achieved but also as a guarantee for the future.

About Dropmysite
Dropmysite is a company that backs up the Internet, with a focus on backing up Cloud data, such as websites, emails, chat, social media, and more. The company has developed and launched two websites: Dropmysite.com and Dropmyemail.com. The latter is a Cloud-to-Cloud backup solution for Emails, a freemium consumer service that lets you backup your emails, contacts, chat and calendars, automatically. It is a simple and secure process that works with almost all platforms, including Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail.

Users are given storage space for free. Users can then purchase up to 10GB monthly/annual, priced as: 5GB – Pro 5, $0.99 per month or $ 9.99 per year; 10GB – Pro 10, $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. Users who invite friends receive an additional 2GB.

It was launched on 1 March 2012 at DEMO Asia, the leading event for the best and brightest companies to launch to a global audience, and awarded the “DemoGURU” and “Freedom” Award. It was also selected as a success case study for Amazon Web Services. You can see the video
here: http://aws.amazon.com/apac/leancloud/

Since then, Dropmysite has been featured on Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat, Business Times and CNBC. The company was selected amongst the Top 10 startups at the recent Echelon 2012. It was also hailed by e27 as the “fastest growing startup in Asia”.

Seed funding for Dropmyemail.com has been provided by Crystal Horse Investments, Stanley Street Labs and individual investors.