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The partnership is between Echelon alumnus Dropmysite and Xpress Hosting, to co-brand and resell its comprehensive website and email backup solution in Spanish.

According to the press release, Dropmysite is tying up this deal to bring in revenues from the burgeoning Spanish-speaking economies around the world. With Dropmysite already available in Spanish, it will be easy for these users to adopt the website and email backup service. Xpress Hosting, the fastest growing web-hosting company in Mexico, was chosen as the partner in the region due to its large client base and geographical reach.

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The company will offer Dropmysite’s services to its over 100,000 customers with over 500,000 web domains in countries like Mexico and Argentina. In addition, Xpress Hosting will market the backup services throughout South America, Spain and Spanish-speaking regions in the US like Texas and Florida.

The partnership with Xpress Hosting in Mexico is Dropmysite’s third major partnership, on top of its partnership with SingTel in Singapore and GMO Cloud in Japan. In a recent video log recorded by Joyful Frog Digital Incubator’s (JFDI) CEO Hugh Mason, John Fearon reveals that they will “probably sign up the fourth one” soon.


Dropmysite’s CEO says company will be profitable in the next four to five months, but no investors to lead its series A financing round

Also according to the video, Dropmysite has about 42,000 signups to date, while its sister site Dropmyemail has about 750,000 signups. With the tremendous traction, the company has also raised more than US$1 million in funding from angels, and is looking to raise its series A funding. Although John revealed that in the next two to three months, the deals and partnerships which they have secured will “easily make them profitable in the next four to five months,” raising a series A round in Singapore is proved to be a challenge.

“So basically for us, there are almost no venture capitalist in Singapore that can lead a round. It’s quite interesting because outside of Singapore, we have been able to get interests for more than $6 million dollars of funding, but they will only follow a venture capital lead. And there are no leads.”

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