We love conferences. In fact, we love them so much that we do one every year (no one would be surprised to know we’re already gearing up for Echelon 2019).

But while conferences have a lot to offer, the large-scale nature of it means that personalised deep-dive advice specific to your company isn’t one of them. The kind of advice that early-stage startups founders and aspiring entrepreneurs need.

That’s why when we were designing the e27 Academy programme, one-on-one face time with our trainers and mentors feature prominently.

e27 Academy is three days of workshops, roundtable discussions, and other activities, covering five topic pillars that startup founders need.

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But apart from these group activities, there will be private consultations with the mentors and trainers daily. Founders who want to dive deeper into their businesses would benefit from the personalised coaching and advice that they will receive in these sessions.

Private consultations will not cover a specific topic – founders can discuss and be candid about their companies and their pain points, no matter what aspect of business building it falls under.

To help ensure that founders will be getting the best advice from the best people, topic of expertise of our mentors will be posted beforehand so that founders will be able to schedule a consultation with the mentor whose expertise meets their needs.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be mentored by some of Southeast Asia’s best. Be a part of the e27 Academy. Get your tickets now before they’re gone (again).

e27 Academy happens on 28-30 November. Tickets got sold out, but we’ve opened up a limited number of slots available only until 11th November. Get your e27 Academy tickets at $499 each or grab a friend and get 2 tickets for $700.  See you in Indonesia!

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