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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learnings, robotics and IoT are some of the most sought-after technologies in the world. While there are many startups operating in these domains, there are not many VCs who are exclusively focussed on these new-age technologies.

Bangalore-based pi Ventures is one such VC firm. pi Ventures, an early-stage fund that has already backed a handful of startups, is run by Founding Partner Manish Singhal, who has previously co-founded LetsVenture, the most popular marketplace for startups and early-stage investors in India.

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Singhal brings in over 24 years of experience in building hardware and software startups and early-stage investing, valuations, deal structuring and strategy advisory across different sectors. He is also a founder-mentor of an initiative called Women Entrepreneur Quest, an annual event for recognising and rewarding women entrepreneurs in India.

Singhal is online to answer all your questions on AI, Machine Learning, IoT, robotics, early-stage investment, and women entrepreneurship.

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