Heardable, a Singapore-based digital brand analytics company awarded e27 the Digital Brand of the Year Grand Prix Award in the inaugural Brand Digital Excellence Awards Singapore 2016. Other winners include Singapore Management University and National University of Singapore.

The scoring system is based on Heardable’s AMPscore results, which are out of 1000. It scores each brand using over 800 different data points.

The 6 categories measured for these awards are: Sociable (social), Actionable (Website U/X), Shareable (Virality of content), Searchable (SEO practices), Measurable (Analytics) and Portable (Mobile).

e27 is extremely active on social, and has a large, engaged community across many networks, especially Facebook and Twitter. The website is built according to industry best practices (ie. do you have certain elements – social handles, contact information, feedback forms, along with other website data points), and it has many pages of content, which are likely indexed with search engines, and linked to from a wide variety of sources,” said Francine Martindale, Co-founder of Heardable.

e27 will be entitled to three months of free access to Heardable’s system.

Brand Digital Excellence Awards were also presented in product categories: banking, insurance, beauty, health & wellness, airline, automotive, QSR, jewellery, fashion retail, and hotels – plus to the strongest government brand online.

Some other findings from the other awards include a win for Maybank which tied with DBS for #1  in banking. In the QSR sector Burger King and NeNe Chicken beat out McDonald’s for top spot, and the Starwood chain achieved a clean sweep in the Hotels category. Government brands also scored very well.