ICOs, initial coin offerings, coinsales, tokensales.

A rose by any name.

They are the hot topic of today. Companies that could not raise a cent of venture capital have been raising millions in ICO money, oftentimes with only a product roadmap — basically a promise to build a product.

Experts have warned against an impending crypto and ICO bubble — but that topic is for another discussion yet.

Today, we ask: Should we consider money raised from an ICO as fundraising, or should these be considered revenue.

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On one hand, “fund raising” in the investment point of view means there should be exchange of equity involved.

Also, any money that your raise without selling a product or service can be considered fundraising.

However, on the other hand, a token sale could be considered selling a product or service in advance, given the tokenised nature of ICOs and blockchain companies.

What are your thoughts?