When we talk about startup fundraising, it always seems to be a conversations about startups and entrepreneurs. LinkedIn, Quora, blog posts, basically the whole internet, are filled with articles, discussions and guides of ‘Fundraising 101’ for startups.

It is somewhat ironic that the difficulties investors face are often neglected, somehow being the decision maker is confused with having an easier job.

So investors, what pain points have you experienced when making investment decisions? Is it the lack of trusted sources to look for deal flows? Or is it the difficulty in not only finding a startup with potential, but also a product that matches your investment focus? And how did you find your way through these challenges?

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One final note: We are experimenting with something really cool with this post. If you want to contribute opinions anonymously, we created a Google Form here for investors to freely express their mind. The goal is to improve our understanding of the VC landscape so we can improve ourselves and help contribute to the growth of our ecosystem.

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