VentureCon, e27‘s first closed-door initiative that caters to investors all around Asia, was successfully conducted yesterday. The aim of the event is to bring together angel investors, venture capitalists, and government regulators on a common platform to share experiences and plans, and work towards a more vibrant venture investment community in the region.

VentureCon kicked-off with a keynote session by Roger Egan, Co-founder and CEO of RedMart. The next keynote address was by Razmig Hovaghimian, Co-Founder and CEO of Viki. Both dignitaries spoke about the funding scenario in Asia, giving an exclusive founders’ eye view, along with the challenges of their respective startups. They also shared the history of funding with the investors in attendance.

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Post the insightful sessions, came two panel discussions. The first one was about the evolution, challenges, and opportunities of Series A fundings in the APAC region. Topics discussed included pertinent investment issues such as the gap between seed and Series A fundings, as well as the increasing presence of investors and VCs from Japan, US, and China.

The next panel was on the opportunities and challenges of investing in Southeast Asia for Japanese firms, giving the audience an inside peek at the workings of Japanese investors.

After breaking for lunch, which proved to be a great networking opportunity, came the remaining three keynote sessions. The first was by Khailee Ng, Venture Partner of 500 Startups. His animated, lively delivery charmed the audience as he talked about investing in Southeast Asia from the perspective of a Silicon Valley accelerator, illuminating the differences in attitudes Asians and Americans have towards funding.

The last two sessions were by Adrian Vanzyl, CEO of Ardent Capital, and Anthony Liem, CEO of Merah Putih. Here, they talked about the challenges and opportunities with regards to investing in Thailand and Indonesia respectively. The information they shared gave a unique insight into each country; for example, the Thai economy grew in spite of political unrest, and that Indonesia had no robust venture ecosystem even as recent as 2012.

The first effort at VentureCon was a resounding success and was appreciated by investors and venture capitalists alike. Look forward to the new property joining Echelon and Echelon Ignite in e27‘s annual stable of events!