[Note: Information prepared by FlickEvents for press release]

Singapore’s FlickEvents has unveiled its latest event management application at the Echelon Conference 2010. The online application addresses many headaches that plague both event organizers and attendees. It promises to both simplify event organization and help organizers draw more attendees to their events.

According to FlickEvents, event organizers wrestle with an array of tasks from publishing and promoting their events through registration and payment processing. These can waste time that should be spent preparing the best possible event and promoting it.

IMG_20100601_163921Event attendees are frequently disgruntled with tedious and error-prone registration processes, (sometimes resulting in missing name badges at the event itself). They also feel increasing pressure to get the most value for the time and money they spend on events. This includes making more high-value contacts at the conferences they attend.

The intuitive interface, the company says, makes online management of events easy and efficient. Event publishing and promotion can be done with the click of the mouse.

The FlickEvents’ registration process itself is seamless and easy: auto-generated attendee lists and name badges minimize problems on the event day itself. These lead to cost savings, increased efficiency and satisfied attendees.

FlickEvents co-founder Phun Yan Yan says, “We interacted with attendees to better appreciate their problems. Increasingly, people justify the cost and time spent on events not only for the speakers and discussions, but to meet people and network. Our networking tools allow attendees to interact with one and arrange for high quality meet ups even before the event.”

No event management tool like FlickEvents’ have been developed in the South Asia market which, she says, has unique needs and sensibilities.

About FlickEvents
FlickEvents is an online events management application created to boost the turnout of events. Event organizers are empowered with tools to help the publishing, promotion and payment processes, while attendees enjoy an easy registration methods and social interaction opportunities. By providing attendees with an enhanced event experience, getting more people to come for your events is as simple as flicking a switch. For more information, please visit