Asia’s largest tech and startup conference Echelon is drawing closer. So far, we, at e27, have brought to you the 52 startups exhibiting at our Startup Marketplace — that is just getting bigger and better this year. Now, the final 10 exhibiting companies have been zeroed in on, getting the total number of startups in the Marketplace to 62.

Without further ado, we shall introduce the additional startups that will be showcasing their ingenious ideas at the mega event to be held on June 10 and 11. Do look out for more interviews with startups, speakers and sponsors as we begin the countdown to Echelon 2014!

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The final 10 promising startups:

1. GiggedIn – Hailing from Austria, GiggedIn is a crowdfunding platform for music events. Here, gigs and concerts are only held when a certain number of fans pledge money for tickets. With this, organisers can both, rally fans’ support and gauge demand, and fans are incentivised to share their favourite music events with their friends.

2. Wish Registry – Wish Registry is a location-based social gifting platform compatible across retail destinations globally. Partnering with retailers to drive customers into stores via geolocation and push notifications, Wish Registry solves the problem of locating and purchasing the perfect gift.

3. Proxperty – Proxperty is a Singapore-based real estate network marketing platform that connects industry professionals with their teams, partners and clients. It aims to empower real estate professionals, effecting greater collaboration and increased sales through the world’s first real estate app store.

4. StartMyGig – StartMyGig is a fan-funded pre-payment platform. By helping to determine demand and ticket pricing of a concert in Asia Pacific with a ticket platform that utilises pre-paid pledging, it aims to let fans bring their favourite bands and artists from all around the world to the Asia Pacific region.

5. Geepers – Geepers is a naming protocol that enables precise GPS coordinates to be attached to a user name. It aims to be for locations what DNS is to the internet now: a universal naming system that allows organisations and individuals to create and share locations with everyone else around the world.

6. Semusi – Semusi is a context-awareness SaaS and SDK platform for software developers to build smarter apps. Using techniques such as machine learning, smart sensors, and natural language algorithms, Semusi lets developers build highly personalised and engaging apps that appeal to customers on a more personal basis.

7. 8packs – Founded by a running enthusiast, 8packs’ race management system takes care of registration, logistics, and results, making organising runs and sports events easier. Its aim is to become a social platform for runners and sporting people, letting them compare race results as well as share tips on how to improve their performance.

8. Chaldal – Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Chaldal is rooted on the idea that shopping for necessities should not be a burden. Using their own logistics platform, Chaldal takes orders through an online portal, delivering groceries on the same day to residents of one of the world’s densest cities.

9. Eyeota – Eyeota is an enterprise data technology company that helps publishers, advertising agencies, and offline data owners to build, segment and protect their audience data. Its proprietary platform enables clients to deliver online audience profile insights and expand the reach of their online campaigns, as well as monetise their data through the Eyeota Data Marketplace.

10. Everybody, talk to me – Everybody, talk to me is the startup behind eTalk, the first service that enables people to have virtual video talk with anybody they want. With eTalk, users can talk to their favorite celebrities, friends or family members, through a mobile application that lets the user make video clips that can then be shared to others using social networks, allowing them to carry on conversations with the video clip.

Echelon 2014 is a two-day Startup, Technology and Business event where Asia’s most innovative startups, early-stage investors, tech industry leaders and tech media, gather to celebrate and build Asia’s growing tech industry, as well as make valuable relationships. 

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