Echelon Asia Summit 2019

There are lots of great reasons for you to come to Echelon Asia Summit 2019! With more than 12,000 people attending from over 30 countries, the Echelon Asia Summit brings together a full-range of personalities across the field of tech: from tech enthusiasts, to up-and-coming startup founders, and even to leaders and experts! This makes Echelon Asia Summit 2019 the perfect opportunity for you to brush elbows with potential future partners, investors, colleagues, or other like-minded people who might appreciate your ideas!

More than 120 speakers will also be sharing key insights on emerging trends and disruptive technologies across four key stages, namely: Founder stage, Future stage, Capital stage, and the top 100 stage—where 100 of the most promising startups will be pitching live!

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And finally, one of the key features of Echelon Asia Summit 2019 is how it will showcase some of the most brilliant startup products in the region. With 300 exhibitors that will sprawl all over Singapore Expo, participants can witness firsthand how these companies are changing the world.

So without further ado, here is the tenth set of Echelon Asia Summit 2019 exhibitors!

ZERO BrandCard™

ZERO BrandCards™ is a mobile-first, entirely digitised and environmentally friendly social and networking platform.


CRICHubs is a vertical social network to unite active cricketers globally putting them in control of their own cricket identity.


Crossworks is a staffing and office solution for companies to hire from Myanmar remotely. It also allows startups/creatives to co-work and repatriate to return home.

Dining Butler Limited

Dining Butler is an AIO F&B system that streamlines and enhances the dining experience for customers and business owners.

Easywork Asia Sdn Bhd

Easywork is a mobile-focused HR SaaS that allows employees to work anywhere. It is intuitive and works by default, yet customisable for various industries.


Ecomobi aims at lead performance marketing and buyer data service platform in South East Asia.


Ecquitas provides solutions to unlock illiquidity and increase accessibility in private markets through a platform that enables the trading of secondary equity.


Edukasyon is an EdTech startup that empowers Gen Z youth to make better-informed education, career, and life decisions through our platforms.


FantasyGG is a fantasy league for Esports.


Ferosh is the first e-commerce website distributing high-class Vietnamese fashion designer clothing. Their focus is on high-end markets, with women fashion designer clothing and accessories.

Fontrip Technology CO., LTD.

Fontrip provides top resource management on destination travel platform in Asia.

GODY is a Vietnamese Travel Social network connecting and recommending appropriate information and services for travellers.


Grivy connects brands with mobile first consumers through offline stores.

H3 Dynamics

H3 Dynamics is an end-to-end automation of remote monitoring that uses drone charging & data stations connected to an AI-enabled marketplace of use-case specific digital services on cloud.

Hello Gabby

Hello Gabby is a virtual assistant agency the helps you tackle your to-do list whilst you focus on growing your business.


A gem of the untouched tech virgin land, pioneer startup of Sarawak Malaysia, HQ EZFood Delivery is the largest local food delivery platform.


iFull provides instant doorstep phone repair services by connecting users to a reliable and trained technician.


Indexalaw is a legal-civic tech that focuses on legal analytic and integration law information for legal professional civil society, and government.

Infofed Co.,Ltd

Infofed is a one stop services for Esports solution provider both online and offline platforms based in Thailand.

Insense Private Limited

Insense Private Limited is the world’s first cross promotion network that enables brands to find brand partners and run cross promotion campaigns seamlessly.

The Ravenry

Ravenry is an on-demand desk research platform. They gather and generate information for businesses within 48 hours.

The Startup Buddy

The Startup Buddy is the online innovation, acceleration, and fundraising platform for Founders, Innovators and Teams. They provide mentoring, toolkits, tracking, and more when and where you need it.

Time Creation Limited (FindDoc)

Being the largest virtual medical network in Hong Kong, FindDoc offers online booking service and hosts professional curated content.

Toku World

Toku is a one-stop shop for smart customer engagement via audio, text, and video APIs.


Trasso is a tech company that strives to innovate for a digital tomorrow.

Where to get tickets for Echelon Asia Summit 2019?

Catch this stunning set of companies showcase their brilliant work and more at the Echelon Asia Summit 2019! The event is happening from 23 – 24 May, at Hall 3A, Singapore Expo, 1 Expo Drive, Singapore. We don’t want you and your team to miss out on the important insights that will be shared by our speakers there, so get your Echelon Tickets today!