Hello folks! We are back with good news again! As part of our five-days of fun under the Echelon umbrella, we are hosting our TOP100 startups on 25-26th June to meet the community.

That’s right, just three days before the conference! As you know, this year we are expecting 5000 attendees and believe you me, it will be chaotic!

To make it easier and more efficient for you, the e27 team has created the TOP100 tour to allow investors and corporates to hyperfocus on just these incoming Southeast Asia startups. The tour is private and by-invitation only to Top100 startups and visiting corporates.

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Along  with the meetup, we will be conducting private demo-days in the evening for the startups. This is done with the sole purpose of creating a much deeper engagement between the investors and startups. We are trying to avoid  the madness of stacks of name cards and random emails after the Echelon conference!

We will be inviting various Southeast Asian investors to come in early and attend the Demo Days.

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If you are interested in working with us for additional sessions, email us at [email protected] and we would be more than happy to accomadate your needs.