CoderSchool opens doors for 8th Demo Day, showcases works of 50 new developers

By | Apr 21, 2017

We caught up with the cool projects of the graduates of CoderSchool Read More

Watch the 7 graduates from the first VIISA accelerator batch pitch in Vietnam

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 19, 2017

Why read about them when you can watch the pitches? We have the videos all lined up for you Read More

Southeast Asia is going through an accelerated pace of disruption, leading to the third wave innovations in real world sectors

By Dondi Hananto | Apr 17, 2017

With the internet-of-everything, entrepreneurs start to transform “real world” sectors like agriculture, education, healthcare, energy, finance and many others, and Southeast Asia is experiencing this at an accelerated pace Read More

KKday expands to Vietnam, just in time for the Taiwan visa amendment enabling easier travel for Southeast Asia neighbours

By | Apr 11, 2017

KKday is taking advantage of the looser visa processing requirements, in the aim of boosting travel and tourism between Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries Read More

Vietnam's Appota raises Series C, valuation closing in on US$50M

By Kevin McSpadden | Apr 05, 2017

The two firms involved are both South Korean, but bring unique qualities to the deal Read More

Vietnam has yet to see a billion-dollar global startup, and here are 3 reasons holding us back

By Lam Tran | Mar 30, 2017

The country has had some success stories, but none so far that would warrant major attention Read More

16 tech and startup events happening next week, grouped by day for your convenience

By Lyra Reyes | Mar 24, 2017

Filling up next week’s calendar? You might want to add these tech and startup events. Read More

11 Vietnam startups that just got funded, over half in early round stages

By Lyra Reyes | Mar 24, 2017

A quick list of funded Vietnam startups straight from our database. Read More

Number of Vietnamese deals dropped in 2016, but were worth a whole lot more

By Kevin McSpadden | Mar 24, 2017

The fintech sector drove Vietnamese deals, contributing more than half of the dollar value. Read More

Meet 9 CEOs steering through Vietnam startup ecosystem

By Lyra Reyes | Feb 24, 2017

With an estimated number of 3000 startups, Vietnam is the third largest ecosystem in Asia. Read More


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