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Let’s not deny it, humanity — the male species especially — is feverishly obsessed with copulation. It has been expressed via our art throughout history.

Now with modern technology, we have once again found new ways of heightening sexual pleasure. Here are four smart sex toys (or sextech) that will make you scream (hopefully in pleasure), and maybe even replace your partner.

eJaculator — Hyper-realistic and hands-free masturbation

The Hong Kong-based startup’s Founder Steven Csanyi — who gamely admitted to downloading pornography when he was 15 (come on, we all did) — wants to open up a whole new world of stimulation for Internet porn viewers through a smart device.

Csanyi’s pleasure toy eJaculator is a glossy tube that houses what appears to be an artificial vagina. You receive sexual stimulation simply by inserting your equipment into the eJaculator, and then allowing it to stroke you to kingdom come.

You can use it as a standalone device, but the eJaculator works best with the VR headset. After all, it ain’t fun if there isn’t visual stimuli. First, you have to connect the eJaculator to its app via Bluetooth, then put on the VR headset and select your desired porn video using a wireless remote.

Then all you have to do now is sit back and let the eJaculator unleash a wave of sensual pleasure as it strokes you, mimicking the actions in the video (how it does this is still unclear).

Currently, this sextech VR device only works with its own porn site, which has two content producers. Csanyi hopes to increase the number of titles available to 1,000 by the end of 2016.

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eJaculator also offers three kinds of silicone for the interior of the device, claiming that each one offers a different level of sexual pleasure that will “build your stamina”.

The device runs on a rechargeable 3,000 mAh battery and, unlike you, can last up to four hours.

In the future, it plans to release a version for males who bat for the other team. That’s right, it is going to make a silicone anus.

Its Indiegogo campaign is kicking ass so far, with 441 people backing it to the tune of US$75,577, at 157 per cent of its goal, with seven days remaining before it ends. It costs US$125 to purchase both the eJaculator and the VR set.

To top it off,  eJaculator even has its own mascot. How cute and totally not creepy at all.

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blueMotion — Panties that stimulate you

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These Bluetooth-enabled smart panties designed by US-based sex toy startup OhMiBod is pushing ‘cybersex’ to the next level. By connecting the panties to your smartphone, you can pleasure yourself through an app. It offers five modes that allow you to vary the speed and intensity of the stimulation.

It also works from a distance of up to 10 metres. This means you can stimulate your partner remotely. Good for those road trips, huh?

It even works through the Internet, so those long distance relationships are going to get a lot more bearable.

TwerkingButt — An artificial twerking butt

Remember when pop star Miley Cyrus started that whole twerking movement craze? Well, leading porn website PornHub and adult toys manufacturer Topco Sales have found a way to capitalise on that insanity.

By utilising Cyberskin+ technology, which mimics the “elasticity and softness of actual skin”, they have created the world’s first artificial twerking butt!

The TwerkingButt device heats up to 37 degrees Celsius and vibrates, stimulating your love shaft when you insert it into the device. You can control the rhythm, speed, as well as twerking pattern using a remote control that is connected to an app on your smartphone.

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Similar to the eJaculator, it can be paired with a VR headset, adding another layer of realism to your lustful hobby.

If humping an artificial booty is your thing, this is the perfect product for you. It comes with a hefty price tag, though, at US$699.

Why spend money on dates when you can spend it on fulfilling your deepest carnal desires?

KIIROO — Taking cybersex to another level

KIIROO has ‘teledildonic’ pleasure devices, which will let partners pleasure each other regardless of how far apart they are. Like the blueMotion vibrating panties, the KIIROO devices are connected over the web, but that’s where the similarity ends.

For heterosexual couples, the KIIROO comes in pairs — Onyx for the male and Pearl for the female. By syncing up both devices’ contact points over the web, partners can stimulate each other based on how they manipulate those contact points.

Let’s hope this doesn’t replace the real thing.