A countdown to the launch of multi-account functionality

A countdown to the launch of multi-account functionality

Launching additional IMAP support late last month, the desktop e-mail client for Windows users, Mailbird has launched the multi-account feature today.

According to Andrea Loubier, CEO, Mailbird, several new updates, tweaking the beta version, have been introduced in the latest update. Some of the features introduced are:

  • Current time saver. An optimized keyboard management for labelling emails is now there.
  • Shortcuts from the app drop-down menu show where all efficiencies can be picked up.
  • Customizable compose shortcut – it’s for anyone who likes to keep the app minimized while writing an email.

Mailbird User Interface1In addition to aforementioned new features, referral system for users to have a chance in getting a Pro account for free has also been launched.

Andrea Loubier, CEO, Mailbird

Andrea Loubier, CEO, Mailbird

“Our vision is to bring a world of productivity to your Inbox on the most beautiful platform for email innovation,” said Loubier.

Mailbird Pro will feature no ads. Loubier said, “Apps which are featured in Pro version only, will be free during the beta.”

The email client will also have no ads of now.

To keep the ball rolling, the team will put its focus on ramping up development and improvements. The team may release the code to the opensource community “to allow third party developers to work together as a community to solve many email problems.”

After announcing multi-account, equipping the lightweight email app with Unified Inbox and Productivity Booster Dashboard called ‘Wingman’ are the team’s priorities. The last helps users learn how to be more efficient and productive with emails and information management. The CEO iterates the features are likely to be released in the first quarter next year.

As of now, Mailbird is a Windows only app. Mac and Linux versions may be developed in the near future.

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