A Japanese-based startup that used to be known as EC Studio, ChatWork is also interestingly known in Japan as the “happiest company” with the best employee satisfaction. Not only well-loved by the media, ChatWork is also well received by many entrepreneurs and businessmen.

With 110,000 users and an existing partnership with KDDI Japan, Chatwork was created in order to solve the problems faced when using emails, Skype or Facebook Groups for business communications.

Not only were emails full of spam, there was no control over them. Skype was not good enough for business too since it was used mainly for P2P connections. Plus, one could not send files or messages unless the recipient was online. There was also some security issued faced.

Other businesses who do not use Skype may use Facebook Groups as an alternative communication tool. However, if one had liked the post or commented on it, the order of conversation changes which can make things messy and confusing. Checking on your colleagues’ activities and tasked is also tedious on these platforms.

UI of Chatwork with mascotTherefore in 2009, the team at ChatWork decided to create their own. With a simple and easily adaptable UI, ChatWork is different because it is dedicated platform to “chat” on work related issues. This significantly reduces internal emails and increases productivity.

Users can also upload files of up to 5GB and share it with other colleagues in the conversation. Best of all, no backup is required since the these files are shared on the cloud. Assigning tasks is also a unique function of this instant messaging tool. After which, one is able to set due dates and also automatically notify other group members when the task is completed.

ChatWork is also available on the mobile in both Apple and Android platforms so that push notifications will be sent when someone else mentions you in the group chats.

Because ChatWork is a cloud based solution and not based on P2P communication system, it has been very popular among the teams who have several branches such as off-shore developing company.

In their recent visit to Singapore to promote ChatWork to the SEA market, Shuhei Tanagawa of ChatWork shares with e27 that there are great business opportunities in Singapore. “Because we are exploring trying to expand ChatWork to the English-speaking and Chinese-speaking markets, we hope to be able to launch an office in Singapore next year,” says Shuhei-san.

Alongside side their rapid overseas expansion, the team at ChatWork is also working hard on new and upcoming features such as screenshots and uploading functionality together with integration with emails, Google calendar, Google drive and other account integrations with Google apps.

Having personally tested the tool myself, I found myself staying connected and up-to-date with all my important conversations, getting more productive and having less overtime work. In other words, I am now a proud convert.