enMarkit, a social commerce company, has got on board Murli Ravi, the former Head of Investments for South and Southeast Asia at venture capital firm JAFCO Investments – a company that manages funds of more than US$750 million.

Murli Ravi, Non-Executive Director, enMarkit

Murli Ravi, Non-Executive Director, enMarkit

Ravi joins as a Non-Executive Director. He has served on the boards of numerous MNCs such as Data Security Systems (acquired by Gemalto), Unmetric, Bubble Motion, ApnaPaisa, Consilium Software, Vriti Infocom, among others.

Having been on boards of aforementioned global e-commerce and technology companies and guiding them in terms of sales, marketing and operational challenges, Ravi will draw on his experience to advice enMarkit on strategy and business expansion.

Vipin Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO of enMarkit said, “Murli brings with him rich investment experience as well as his extensive network across multiple industries.”

“His background as a coder also enables him to understand and contribute actively to building- and advising on- technologies for e-commerce product companies,” added Agarwal, in conversation with e27.

enMarkit was introduced to Ravi as a mentor by the 100-day startup bootcamp program operated by JFDI.Asia.

Ravi will advice enMarkit on enhanced products to be offered to e-tailers. He will also take on an operational role and assist the social commerce company in building and scaling the team of employees and business advisors.

“enMarkit brings together transactional insights as well as customer engagement technologies to create a very personalised experience for online users on e-commerce websites. It’s a unique and powerful tool for all e-commerce companies,” said Ravi.

According to its official website, enMarkit helps understand customers, and take actionable steps to retain and engage them based on insights. It enables e-commerce sites to realise customers buying interests, identify influential visitors and evaluate the value each customer brings to the site.

Agarwal added, “Google tells you how many people have visited your site, FB tells you who they were, we can tell you what they were looking for.”

But how does it do it? What are the business intelligence / analytics tools it employees? EnMarkit uses proprietary software developed in-house that integrates with e-commerce websites to provide them real-time information on the website visitors and their click behaviours. It builds on the websites’ data and integrates just as a Google or Facebook script does on the websites of e-commerce sites.

enMarkit told e27 that it is currently deploying the product at an e-commerce platform that handles more than 100,000 transactions a month.