Wealth and a high majority of jobs are created by small businesses started by entrepreneurially minded individuals, many of whom go on to create big businesses. It fosters economic growth, it increases productivity; it creates new technologies, products, and services; and it changes and rejuvenates market competition.

In Singapore, with human resources being the only resource it has, education plays a huge role in molding the countries’ next generation leaders, as well as entrepreneurs. Recognizing the importance of entrepreneurship towards the society, several entrepreneurial elements has been injected into the education system as early as secondary school all the way till the tertiary levels. In the secondary school level, two of the more popular programmes that promote entrepreneurships are http://yea.sg/ as well as The Little Entrepreneurs.

In the tertiary level, NUS, NTU and SMU, which are the government university, too have their own entrepreneurial centres. NUS has an Enterprise arm runs two body: the NUS Entrepreneurship Centre as well as the NUS Overseas College programme, where entrepreneurial students are sent overseas to startup hubs up to a year. SMU too has several initiatives such as the monthly entrepreneurial corner, while NTU runs the Ideas Inc competition.

Outside of Singapore, in University of London, there are also non technical courses provided which are available for budding entrepreneurs. For those who wants to interact and study at UOL, the University also provides you the option to be based here in Singapore.

As you can see, one does not have to take technical courses to be an entrepreneur. With all the abundant resources out there which are readily available through the Internet, students with entrepreneurial mindset can easily pick up any skills they want to pick up, or take entrepreneurial courses through the education system.

This post and video are sponsored by University of London.