Epoch: Return Kickstarter cancelled

Upcoming first-person adventure game by Halo 4, Mass Effect developers to be refined further. The project got US$26,158 before it was halted

By Jonathan Toyad

Image credit: Innate Games

Image credit: Innate Games

Early this month, a group of developers who used to work on Halo 4 and the Mass Effect series under the company Bioware headed out to start up their own development company called Innate Games. Their first project? A first-person sci-fi adventure game called Epoch: Return, which would feature non-linear exploration elements and a unique art style.

Unfortunately for fans of such concepts, the Kickstarter page for Epoch: Return was closed off recently. Innate Games’ Creative Director Nathan Moeller said on the Indie Game Developers Facebook page that he and his team were not happy with how they represented the game and would be going back to the drawing board. A refinement of the project, in other words.

“I want to thank the team for putting so much work and so much of their own creativity into a project that was just an idea in my head a year ago,” Moeller said, “I wouldn’t have gotten so much satisfaction and learned so much without their help. I also want to thank everyone that supported us, in any way, whether it be pledging or helping us spread the word. The community is why we can make games for a living. It was a hard decision, but it is the best decision.”

Before it was halted, the project acquired 398 backers and US$26,158 toward its pledge of US$150,000. A shame really, but if polish is what it needs to come back better than before, then by all means refine it away. Perhaps a build can be ready before Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 hits this early June.

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