Photo: AWS Lean Cloud

Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) office at Capital Square saw a strong attendance of about 100 entrepreneurs yesterday at the newly launched initiative “The Lean Cloud”.  A live telecast was broadcasted from the official launch event at Sydney, which was graced by AWS’s very own Chief Technology Office, Dr Werner Vogels,  as well as the initiator of the Lean movement, Eric Ries.

During his presentation, Eric Ries shared some key fundamentals of his lean philosophies and best practices to entrepreneurs:

  1. “Cloud is like a fertilizer that creates startups”
  2. “Startup is an experiment”
  3. “Pivot is a change in strategy without a change in vision”
  4. “Make sure that the feature that you want in your first version is absolutely needed, and the bugs that you need to fix absolutely needed to be fixed.”
  5. “You may use the most fantastic tools, but if you apply the same methodology you will always get the same results.”
  6. “Always ask yourself: Are we making enough progress to validate that our strategy actually works? If not, then it’s time to pivot! “
  7. “If we don’t build something that customer want, even if we make it easier to use, we are only making it easier for customer to discover what they don’t want and don’t need it”
  8. “It’s better to have bad news that’s true, rather than good news that’s made up.”
  9. “If your company can’t get 10% of its customers to sign up to a FREE trial, it’s dead!”
  10. “Anything that helps us learn faster is valuable, everything else is a waste.”
  11. To sum it up: “Think big, Start small, Scale fast”

If you are interested in the Lean Philosophy by Eric Ries, here’s another similar presentation by Eric Ries:

Of course, nearer at home here in AWS Singapore, there were also presentations and sharings from Rick Harshman, head of ASEAN AWS, Carl Coryell of new context as well as John Fearon of dropmysite. Rick shared on how startups can leverage on the cloud and AWS to help their businesses, with the bold vision of being the catalyst of the startup community to support and accelerate the growth across APAC. This was testified by both Carl and John, whom both shared how AWS helped them in their businesses.

Photo: Rick Harshman sharing about AWS

John also stressed the importance of focusing on the people rather than the money, wrapping up the event advising startups to always be talking to people and listening to what they want.

About AWS “The Lean Cloud” initiative

To support the growing startup movement, AWS in Asia Pacific launches “The Lean Cloud”, a program that aims to provide education, training, and the global exposure for promising startups. The program will include business mentoring sessions, technical workshops and networking events to allow startups to leverage the AWS Cloud to develop their product faster, accelerate time to market and monetize their offerings as their business grow.

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