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Taipei saw a full house at their Evernote User Group meetup last Thursday at Amba. The meetup saw the largest turn out of Evernote team members at the event, including Evernote CEO Phil Libin who was in town for an earlier press conference announcing Evernote’s partnership with Taiwan Mobile.

The partnership with Taiwan Mobile was not the only new development for Evernote in Taiwan. Phil also introduced two new Evernote members, Jeremy Yuan and Frieda Chung, who will be heading the newly set up Taipei office. The Taipei office is Evernote’s fourth in Asia after Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul. The Evernote Team in Taipei will be based in Mark Hsu’s newly set up coworking space, CoWorkSpace@GuangFu102. Jeremy joined Evernote earlier this year after being with Taiwan tech blog TechOrange while Frieda is the latest hire, coming from HTC’s innovation department.

During the sharing session, Phil explained the expansion strategies of Evernote. According to Phil, Evernote sets up offices around the world, not because these cities are just markets for the note taking and archiving service.These cities are where large numbers of Evernote users are situated in and Evernote is interested to learn from them how to make their service better.

Phil also mentioned that the cities that Evernote has its presence in are also centres of innovation and design. Phil believes that the next killer app will not come from Silicon Valley. Instead, the next killer app will be from dense urban centers, something that Silicon Valley is not.

As Phil shared, “At Evernote, we only build products that we, ourselves, want to use.” Being so, Evernote intends to work with the best designers and developers to continue making the service the best of its kind. Evernote is Phil’s third startup.

Phil Libin sealing the partnership of Evernote with Taiwan Mobile

The Evernote team capped off the night with draws for limited edition, hand stamped Evernote tee shirts. Troy Malone, GM of Evernote, spent the evening manually stamping tee shirts with the same stamp that Phil used at the earlier press conference. There was also a lucky Evernote user that walked away with an Evernote Moleskine notebook, before any has hit the shelves.

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