The second annual developer lovefest was full house with over than 700 participants ranging from developers, business owners, journalists, bloggers, educators and trainers.

People at the Evernote Conference Venue

Company CEO Phil Libin, said that they were gone from 12 million users to 38 million users in a year. He highlighted few points: The service does not mine public data; They don’t target ads or research therefore it is always private.

“You are not the product. All of your data is completely private. We do not monetize you,” Phil pointed out.

Realizing that there was a gap between companies and their products, other announcement revealed was “Evernote for Business” which features an easy on-boarding, user management, smart ownership, company-wide directory, simplified billing, access to premium features, employee setup with higher level of SLA and dedicated support from account manager.  This feature is specially for small and medium businesses and will be available this December. “Full ownership of private data and individual data are the key behind our business version,” Phil adds.

We could start signing up to get access to the document sharing service for beta testing. This new service extends the Redwood City company portfolio including the freemium business model where premium version app is available for US$5 a month.

Helping to digitize handwritten notes, the company launched a paper kind notebook called ‘Evernote Smart Notebook’ incorporation with prominent Italian stationery company Moleskine. A digital conversion would be made each time we take a picture of our handwritten notes and sketches with Evernote iOS app. This comes with the help from the notebook special papers and its Smart Stickers.  A sticker can be place next to the note they would like to scan into Evernote and the app will recognize and associate it with a tag or place it in an Evernote notebook specified in settings.

Furthermore, the notebook is released in both ruled and squared page styles and work optimally with Evernote’s new Page Camera feature. The feature will fix perspective and adjust level of contrast between the graphite to create a viewable and searchable notes. Coming in with a suite of multi-colored and customizable stickers, it is available for public in large and pocket sizes starting on October 1.

There were upgrades on Evernote apps for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) including its new Page Camera features, and the browser extension ‘Evernote Clearly’. The extension that simplifies Web pages for easier reading, now it displays links related to the web pages with ‘related notes’.

People at the Evernote Conference After Party

As Evernote is maintaining its lead as the primary external brain, last week’s conference showed the strong sign of steady sales growth and legions of fans boost. Business version will be the new revenue stream for the company, and Moleskine’s partnership is a good initiative in bridging physical format with digital content and even better if the technology is developed further.

For those who couldn’t make it, take a look at presentations from the speakers, ambassadors as well as full transcript at the public notebook.

Last but not least, we are looking forward to seeing more useful-and-cool products for our daily life, making us more productive from time to time.