Jon Yongfook (Founder at Tinytrunk)

Yongfook has many talents. Currently the founder and tech director of software company 24-12, Yongfook was previously the Director of Glamour Sales, a high-end commerce flash site with operations in Japan and China, which was funded up to Series-C. He also consulted for companies such as Dentsu, Avenue A and Razorfish, and exited his first Internet company, Nibbledish, a food recipe social network. His last position held was Director of International Product at Cookpad, Japan’s largest recipe site.

In a recent blog post, Yongfook shared that he will be helping to mentor startups at Singapore Management University.

“I’m pleased to announce that in addition to running my 3rd startup, I will be devoting a certain amount of hours per week to mentor young startups as a Business Mentor at Singapore Management University.

Knowledge must be shared. Especially when that knowledge applies to reoccurring challenges. If you’re experiencing a challenge at your startup there is a 99.9% chance that someone out there will have experienced the exact same thing and solved it in a way that will work for you too.

For a long time I’ve wanted to share my experiences with the startup community in Singapore but couldn’t find the right fit. Whilst there are a few incubators operating in Singapore, they are commercially-driven enterprises sometimes negotiating almost 50% of equity from a startup in exchange for seed funding and ongoing mentoring.

SMU is an educational institution and takes no financial stake in startups participating in its incubator program, although individual mentors like myself can opt to invest for small amounts of equity. This means founders enjoy a great sense of freedom and ownership which – in the early stages of market discovery and pivoting business models – is of critical importance.

I currently run PaaS and SaaS startups profitably. My previous startup experience ranges from creating and exiting a consumer internet recipe portal, and growing a large-scale e-commerce startup in Japan (luxury goods, $XX million per year in sales). I can advise authoritatively on the topics of business model strategy, growth hacking, product development, e-commerce at scale, technology (I’m a Rails guy), email marketing, marketing automation and inbound marketing. There’s another dozen or so topics I can speak intelligently about too :)

Bring me your most difficult problems – I’m here to help.

If you’re reading this, you’re at SMU and you want to talk about your startup – get in touch with me via either Virginia or Flora from the business incubator programme. I’m looking forward to meeting you!”

We think this is really important to the community: entrepreneurs actively mentoring new startups. Entrepreneurs or startups, if you are around the Singapore Management University, Yongfook will be around the area as well.