e27 paid visit to DailySocial Co-Founder Rama Mamuaya upon finding out about the company’s new addition to its media creation, Hybrid.

Built as a response to the recent boom of e-sports, Hybrid provides information for both consumers and industry side.

“It’s something that we’ve done with DailySocial, as we keep it on track with our vision to connect the society with technology. With Hybrid, we seek to connect the e-sports community with the technology through news,” said Mamuaya.

Mamuaya explained the thought process behind Hybrid that the team went through.

“We have always talked about e-sports on DailySocial and it was just waiting for a big break in the industry. And quite naturally, our team member suggested that we dedicate a platform just for the e-sports news. The rest was history,” said Mamuaya.

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Mamuaya said that in DailySocial, they have been a big supporter of e-sports growth by consistently covering the news around the slowly built up excitement. Now that it’s become a big hit around Asia, and recently in Indonesia, their move of introducing Hybrid for all things e-sports is considered timely.

“We experimented for the last few weeks with Hybrid to see the audiences’ responses. So far, we’ve hit 500 visitors per day, which is not bad at all for a beta version of this platform,” said Mamuaya.

Not looking for money

Running a media business that branches out to consultation and research service would be a good business to have, especially in a country where startups and entrepreneurship have become a more viable option for anybody with big ideas and guts.

This is something that DailySocial must have been familiar with; there will always be a partnership or funding news to cover.

However, with Hybrid, the team decided to approach the product with no goal in mind to monetise –at least for a start.

“Everything that we have built in DailySocial, down to the features, are all thanks to the team who came up with it from dealing with challenges on a daily basis. They saw what’s missing, and what’s needed to be fixed or improved, and we always go from there,” Mamuaya said.

“The same applies to Hybrid; it’s all about our team. All the insight and learning were collected, and we brainstormed on how best to put this out. All in all, our main goal stays the same, which is to contribute to the digital ecosystem in Indonesia,” he added.

Currently, the platform has hired three writers to produce the content. All three are said to be senior writers with passion for e-sports.

“That’s non-negotiable. We always go with someone who has the background in the industry, as we actively report and shape the industry through our media. Our writers will go out and engage within the community, so we really need people who love the industry,” said Mamuaya.

Hybrid’s beta version has been launched, and Mamuaya said that it’s been exceeding their expectation. The product will keep using the beta badge and continue to evolve.

“We’ll see how people use the website in certain ways or certain behaviours and adapt to that,” Mamuaya explained.

“We don’t know yet but we just want to see what’s the problem in this industry. In the meantime, we just wanna have fun and won’t make money out of it.”

Adding capabilities

As mentioned earlier, media, consulting, and research are the three current focusses for DailySocial. Since day one, the company is looking at shaping the startup landscape in Indonesia as any media would, with the kind of reach and network a media would have.

Besides Hybrid, DailySocial has taken their reach a one step further with their next project.

“It’s a pilot project, yet to be revealed. We will incubate 500 SMEs across five cities in Indonesia in collaboration with [stated-owned bank] BRI, combining both offline and online movement. Our role is to support BRI in providing seminar-style workshops for these businesses, particularly businesses focussing on craft, fashion, and culinary,” said Mamuaya.

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Mamuaya explained that the kind of workshops they will provide is something that will equip these SMEs with basic business skills to help them grow.

“You’re looking at how-to workshops on cash flow management, better packaging, and so on,” Mamuaya said.

Mamuaya admitted that this pilot project has been in planning for around two years, even has its run before with several clients. At the beginning of this year, one of their clients tried out their service, and DailySocial claimed that it worked well.

“We’re in the middle of an ongoing negotiation to further install this in other companies. We believe that this could be automated in the future,” said Mamuaya.

The project is an incubation automation, where DailySocial becomes the facilitator of corporates and banks to manage their digital transformation and innovation.

The company is essentially the middleman that connects SMEs with corporations that seek to find startups or businesses to complete the company’s missing piece. It will also provide mentorships for the SMEs.

“We will also provide an internal incubation for the employees of these corporations. Sometimes employees may come up with ideas to better the company, and they need guidance to make it happen. This is where we will play a part,” said Mamuaya about the options available for the corporation.

When being asked what would this project offers differently than the usual incubation and mentorship programmes, Mamuaya said that the automation will allow users to measure the outcome more accurately.

“It will be data-driven and results-oriented,” he concluded.