Less than 24 hours to Echelon Asia Summit!

And we’re excited to see all of you there. We also want to give a shout out these exhibitors (in no particular order) that are in Echelon Asia Summit‘s digital platform, and will be showcasing their products and services at the conference this June 28-29 at Singapore.

Missed the first two announcements? Here you go: Batch 1, Batch 2



Shift is the first serious job matching app platform in Singapore that has opened the way for employers to listen to the talent community, connect with them and engage. They  understand that employers browse through hundreds of emails every day, spend thousands of dollars on outdated recruitment websites in order to find the candidates that match your job description and are here to change that.



Scry is a crowd-sourced forecasting platform with a vision to arm people with the skill of forecasting the future. We are here to cut through the uncertainty that surrounds the future. Based on cutting-edge research, we will thrust into the hands of our users, a platform designed to make predicting future events less of an arcane art, and more a practicable science.



Innovation Incubator of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST) was established in 1997 to assist Taiwanese government driving innovation and entrepreneurship toward Asia Silicon Valley. With continuous advancements, this year, STUST launches International Startup Project (ISP), the first “Pre-Accelerator Program, that attracts international startups to incubate and expand into Taiwan market.



Traditional employment is disappearing; Individual value has risen to prominence, and organisations tend to be more open. SLASIFY provides solutions for enterprises to become more flexible in searching and managing their required manpower based on their needs.


Tetherfi OCM Platform helps organisations realise their Digital Transformation (#DigitalCX), Contact Centre Optimisation (#CCTR) and Customer Experience Management (#CEM) goals and objectives all combined together. They are a single integrated platform  that enables unified, consistent, secure, and optimised virtual and agent-assisted interactions for inbound customer service and outbound marketing.



Workhiro is the simplest way to track job applicants, engage with them and collaborate faster with your hiring team. They provide a platform where companies can publish to multiple job boards, source candidates form several websites, and track candidates from multiple sources with fully customisable workflows.


VR Lab Berhad

VR Lab Berhad is a VR solution creation house and VR hardware retailer in collaboration with HTC, MSI & Steam. VR Lab develops room-scale, motion tracked VR solutions for PropTech, FinTech, Media & Gaming vertical. VR Lab’s V-Prop Touch solution is a multi-user interactive VR application that allows a property sales to lead buyers located anywhere in the world to “tour the property, select the unit, furnish & pay for it in VR”.


890 Design and Development

890 understands how important it is to share and  keep memorable feelings and gives it a little twist; share and react, together.



As a open source server-less platform for mobile, web and IoT apps, developers can leverage the APIs Skygear offers to build messaging apps, e-commerce apps and social media apps. It speeds up the time to market and reduces app development costs. Developers and entrepreneurs can now realise their app ideas with ease. Skygear is a scalable platform that supports your app all the way from development to production.


My Dream Career

MyDream Career is a leading-edge platform which eliminates 90% of the time and costs to recruit skilled professionals. Using the latest technologies in profile surveying and analytics, social media referrals, and mobile messaging, My Dream reduces the mismatches in normal recruiting process.



BeeGlobal creates great things that change people’s lives. Its product, BeePay, is an application for mobile devices for making instant payments on-the-go 24/7 for essential services people use. BeePay is soon to launch in Malaysia, Singapore and throughout the world.


Imagene Labs

With its own entire ecosystem of genetics-driven wellness solutions – comprising their own internationally accredited lab facility, specially curated DNA tests, personalized reports and products, as well as apps powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning – Imagene Labs continues to grow its footprint across the region to help consumers in Asia look, feel and live their best.


AAR Consultancy

Singapore’s premiere digital marketing, strategy, training, consulting, and technology company.


Jio Technologies

Jio is a mobile app platform that brings people together through the same interests, hobbies, and thoughts.



iResidenz is a web-based resident portal ideal for condominiums and gated communities to make property management and communication easier for owners, tenants, and property management office. The platform connects owners and tenants to the management office for payments, bookings, complaints, notices and more. The workload of the management office is also reduced through automation of administrative tasks. iResidenz currently handles 50 properties.



PouchNATION is Asia’s leading cashless payment and brand activation provider.


Extreme SEO

An award winning digital marketing company, Extreme SEO delivers fully managed digital marketing strategies and solutions for startups and enterprises, such as semantic search, online reputation management, growth hacking and PPC.



SoftBank provide “The Digital Workforce Platform” through Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). NAO is a cute and interactive humanoid robot that speaks 19 different languages, with face and voice recognition abilities enabling it to sing and dance. It is fully programmable and comes with a simple-to-use programming tool.



VSCPI is the venture building arm of VSC Group that creates tech start ups to solve major pain points in key industries – using its proprietary Cognitive Analytics and Natural Language Generation (NLG). Their portfolio of tech start-ups are developed for scalability, sustainability and profitability with a global market place in mind.



Transform rigid financial statements into strategic narratives and help users make sense of numbers in a rapid and accurate manner.



EdNarrator analyses academic and non-academic data of students (K-12) and generates customised developmental roadmap to address strengths and gaps.



Nisimetrics helps businesses assess their contractual needs and get connected to legal experts in a fast and efficient way.



Bulle8 equips retail investors with investment scorecards to evaluate stocks in safe, systematic and effective ways via a blended learning platform.



PowerCognitive helps large companies evaluate the economics of managing their power consumption.

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