Conferences are great avenues to flex that networking muscle. Other things great about conferences? Meeting the community,  getting a preview of what it is they do, and making connections for possible partnerships.

These exhibitors (in no particular order) are in Echelon Asia Summit‘s digital platform, and will be showcasing their products and services at the conference this June 28-29 at Singapore.

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An Android App Store with 700k apps and 150 million engaged monthly active users in 2016. Aptoide responsible for 120 million app downloads per month and has partnered with over 100+ telecommunications and equipment manufacturers around the world to power their branded App Stores. They aim to be a community-based platform that allows developers, integrators, and tech companies to create and manage their own app store. Aptoide has also been an exhibitor in Echelon Thailand 2017.


InnovAsian® Space

A ready-to-use and cost-effective innovation software that has the flexibility to meet varying organisational needs and maturity levels. InnovAsian® Space is a digital solution by Alpha Catalyst Pte Ltd which is based in Singapore. They have been operating since 2014, creating simple yet engaging software to digitise innovation. They are aligned to boost innovation within the Asian context, recognising the operating environment while still being sensitive to the robust Asian culture.



InnerBeans is a SaaS that offers startups a collaboration tool with a game look and feel design. It is a fun and useful tool where startups can communicate and work, as well as open up to more business opportunities.


Malifax Solutions

Housing several technology teams for the coolest startups in Silicon Valley, Japan and Singapore, Malifax Solutions is a close-knitted family of budding startups, nested in a home away from home.



BottlesXO is a new digital experience that delivers quality European wines and beers at reasonable prices to Shanghai, Suzhou, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  They offer on-demand, ready-to-drink, wine, beer, and spirits through a mobile-first platform that connects consumers with producers.


Qourier is a local and international delivery service that connects user to thousands of couriers, at the touch of a button.



ModeFair is a social eCommerce platform where brands and social influencers come together to collaborate and share curated products and services.


Bloom Consulting Services

A Singapore- and India- based software development company specialising in developing web applications and mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. They area team of 20 in-house developers, designers, and advisor who are experienced and passionate about social applications and API integrations.


Zencode Technologies

Zencode is hybrid offshore/onshore development house employing design thinking and a strong business understanding to turn the next idea into a reality. With full stack development teams, designs teams, QA teams, and business analyst teams, Zencode offers cost effective, product development service.



Xwapp is an innovative new age remittance solution that does its clearance on non-conventional remittance methods, which allows costs to be reduced by 60-80% and increase the speed of transfer (delivery to bank accounts included)


Inspireo Media

A CTO-as-a-service agency with experience in co-creating revenue-generating and growing digital marketplaces. With in-house techies and UX creatives, Inspireo Media has journeyed with early-stage start-ups such as Catersmith and Invade.co.



The world’s leading “Marketplace-as-a-Service” (MaaS) company powering over 2,000 marketplaces in 45 countries. Arcadier allows anyone with no technical background to build their own marketplace within minutes with a simple-to-use fully hosted platform supporting various forms of multi-vendor ecommerce models, including buying or rental of goods, hiring of services, and rental of physical space. In 2016, Arcadier was named a finalist at the annual Emerging Enterprise Awards Singapore and also bagged a bronze medal for the Best Innovative Start-up (Growth Stage) awarded by the Singapore Infocomm & Technology Federation.


Glee Trees

GleeTrees is a Singapore-born company focusing on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software with artificial intelligence (AI) with a vision to enable people to spend more time on value-creating activities, by automating mundane and repetitive work. Their Gleematic software sees computer screens just as humans do, mimics mouse clicks and keyboard strokes to carry out various processes. It also includes features for extracting data from unstructured text, analyzing sentiments, and predictive analysis. Gleematic is compatible with any I.T. system – even legacy ones.


The Analog Vault

The Analog Vault is a retail and music discovery platform offering a wide and curated range of vinyl records. It was established with the aim of cultivating the analog music culture in Asia.



UI-licious is an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain solution for automating user interface testing for websites. It is perfect for lean engineering teams that want to increase their test coverage through automation but have a evolving product and rapidly changing UI. Teams can save up to 70% of their time writing and keeping tests up to date using UI-licious’s intuitive testing language.



Carblicity is a crowdsourced private vehicle advertising platform which matches advertisers and private vehicle owners together for the purpose of sticking advertisements on their vehicles.


SMAX Xpert

SMAX is SaaS based tool that helps organisations plan, manage, and monitor their social medias; saving hundreds of hours required to crawl for the required data. It also provides competitors’ social health, market sentiments and trends; allowing organisations to make better informed business decision.



Jankosoft is an established digital agency specialising in web and mobile application development since 2011, serving Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, andSMEs. They aim to provide actionable insights in one dashboard by enabling hospitality businesses to accept orders for Delivery, Takeaway, Dine In, Catering and Reservation on their own web and/or mobile app.


Sinwattana Crowdfunding – Phoenixict

A Thailand-based crowdfunding platform that includes full-fledged offerings: Donation, Reward, Equity, Lending, and Hybrid-based. To advocate and enroll global adoption, Sinwattana catered software-as-a-service and developer’s edition for anyone who aspire to serve the crowd.

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