Experimental crowd-branding agency CrowdPowers to crowdfund its book

With the mission to pilot the future of work and business, CrowdPowers aims to empower strangers and create a tribe to realise their vision

By Terence Ng

Singapore-based firm CrowdPowers aims to take crowdsourcing to the next level — by building an entire branding company from the ground-up through contributions from the public.

According to Founder Betty Lim, CrowdPowers‘ mission is to create a new engagement platform to empower a collaborative community, or a tribe, of passionate future-oriented doers.

“Globally, youth unemployment is at a record high. People will need to invent jobs but historically, most startups fail,” she said, “Because exponential growth is our greatest challenge, a mindset revolution is key, and we are attempting to crowd-actualise a happier 21st century by letting autonomy, mastery and purpose power the future of work.”

Just how exactly will CrowdPowers go about revolutionising the future of work? This is where it gets interesting; it represents Crowdpowers taking crowdsourcing to its logical end: there is currently no business plan, with the blueprints for achieving the vision to be defined collectively by its tribe. To sweeten the deal for tribe members, CrowdPowers will also be offering up to 97 per cent in equity, as well as profit-sharing schemes, to contributors of its platform.

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Lim added that CrowdPower’s initiative is experimental, with an initial focus on changing mindsets and building trust among strangers.

That said, all grand journeys begin with a tiny step, and CrowdPowers is no exception. To start with, they will be raising a sum of US$13,999 as seed funding, which will come from crowdfunding the sale of its book, New century, old business models?.  The book will cover how current mindsets and paradigms are becoming obsolete, get people to rethink success, and to how give one’s best to crowd-actualise a new way of doing business in this new, platform-dominated world.

“Each of us has the perfect gift to give the world. It’s what we were born with. So, whether actualising a startup or inventing our ideal job, if we are able to each give what’s so uniquely ours — wouldn’t we be able to create magic for and with each other?” concluded Lim.

If you’re interested to, in her words, “create magic”, take a look at CrowdPower’s Indiegogo page!

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