Indonesians are in love with social media. In fact, Socialbakers rates Indonesia as the fourth top country on Facebook, with Jakarta being called the Twitter capital of the world by many. For brands or companies to be known in Indonesia, social media presence is indispensable. For those who cannot afford Facebook or Twitter ads to grow their audience, there is Activorm, an Indonesia-based social media activation platform specifically designed to target startups.

e27 spoke exclusively to Karen Kamal, Founder, Activorm, who helped decode how the platform actually works.

Activorm is an online platform that connects merchants with social media users. Merchants can register and pick packages to grow Facebook ‘likes’ or Twitter followers. On the other hand, users can register themselves to get free prizes from merchants. The key is to lure members to engage with brands through prize give-aways.

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“To claim their prize, users will be asked to present an ID card. So when they register, members are required to fill in their valid ID number,” said Karen. “In this way, companies or brands are guaranteed to get real fans, not bot,” added the 23-year-old entrepreneur.

Karen claimed that the platform has 1,000 members yet, after first beta version launch in mid December 2013. As for the merchant side, there currently are 50 merchants, but only 27 companies creating (social media activation) projects on Activorm.

Activorm plans to charge its merchants on a project basis (approx US$8 per project), other options being pay per number of clicks, or pay per number of members acquired by the merchant. But for now, the facility is free to use, as Activorm is focusing on growing the member base.

Always on social!

Right before launching Activorm, the Co-founders conducted an online survey with 624 participants. According to it, 79 per cent respondents (492 people) were found to use social network all the time (always).


Not just customer engagement, Activorm also provides a feature for business analytics. This helps merchants understand the profile of people who actually follow them.

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“We’ll start to charge for the system in March 2014,” said Karen about her monetisation plan. Karen hopes to reach the break even point (BEP) by next year. She mentioned that the investment for Activorm was “not so much”. The young entrepreneur got funding from a undisclosed private investor.