Event Details:

Facebook Developer Garage Singapore

Date: 24 Oct 2007

6.30pm-10pm: Dinner and Presentations at the NUS Staff Club Lounge
10pm-till sunrise: All-Night-Hackathon at the Garag3

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Free but RSVP is required.

Main Organizer and Sponsor: E27 Singapore and Garag3.com

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Hey everyone, Facebook is definitely all the rage in the regional social networking scene with the user numbers growing impressively since Facebook was opened up to the public about a year ago. With Facebook’s API having significantly changed the game since its relaunch as the F8 platform back in May, application developers have been churning our Apps after apps.

Tremendous Growth of Facebook in the Region

FaceReview reports that there are close to 6,000 applications on Facebook Apps. That’s an average of 1,200 applications a month! or 40 a day! Is this saturating already or is there more to come?

GigaOm reported that Facebook’s traffic has tanked a little, is it true or is it just speculation? Could all the Apps be annoying users away from Facebook? I don’t think we’ll ever really know since Facebook is a closed network, but for sure there are some stats that are positive: user numbers are up and user numbers outside of the US are growing tremendously quick. Australia’s the fastest growing region in Asia-Pac and HongKong network has nearly twice the numbers of the Singapore network. Nevertheless the Singapore network is definitely thriving.

The Thriving Singapore and regional Facebook Scene

Singaporeans are notorious social network users. There are more than a million Friendster accounts from this little island with a 4.5m population alone. Social networks are important to the Asian community because in general Asians are shy and less approachable in person hence social networks greatly help lubricate social contacts. Especially amongst the youth, having an account has become a part of every young person’s life.

Anecdotal evidence from speaking to users has established that many of the early adopters of Facebook in Asia are switching over because of better user interface, less spam, more authentic accounts and unlimited photo uploading. Newsfeed is becoming quite the hit too because of its ability to provide ‘kaypoh’ (nosy) Singaporeans with the ability to know what’s going on in their friend’s lives.

In fact blogging seems to have taken a backseat to Facebooking. All the little micro-interactions within the Facebook web and interactions generated by Applications turn up ever so wonderfully in NewsFeed and Mini-Newsfeed as a very public stream of actions. For the lazy and the busy, why bother blogging when your interactions on Facebook is adequate to keep your friends updated?

Asia is host to many of the most populous nations in the world. The scope for growth remains tremendous. As Asians continue to swarm online and online advertising revenue keeps rising, there is great potential for translated interfaces and apps specific to the Asian context.

Inaugural Facebook Developer Garage in Singapore

In the inaugural Facebook Developer Garage Singapore, we’ll be discussing all these and more! We’ve got a great line up of speakers. A Facebook developer will be videoconferencing in from Palo Alto to share with us the latest developments from the Platform. The developers behind one of Singapore’s top Facebook games, BattleStation (from Tyler Projects) will be speaking. (Along with a whole bunch of fanboys of the game:) We’ll also have (Sir!) Trey Philips who won the Facebook F8 Hackathon back in May to speak about his experience of bringing an application from zero to 130+ installs within a few weeks. Check out our Event Wiki for more detailed information on how the event’s program will be.

All-Night-Hackathon After the Event

The event will start at 6.30pm at the NUS Staff Club with dinner provided. The presentations will commence after dinner and networking will follow. For those of you who wish to stay over for an all-night-hackathon, the Garag3 will be open to everyone. Feel free to bring your out-of-office coding gear (laptops, powersupplies, wifi routers, lan-cables, sleeping bag, deckchairs, showerstuff). We’ll have the Hackspace, and company offices at the Garag3 open to developers looking to stay over. Shower facilities are available so it’ll be super comfortable!

Call for Help

If you’re interested to speak, sponsors or volunteer, please feel free to the Event Wiki or contact us at singapore [at] entrepreneur27.org.

If you’d like to join us at this special event, kindly RSVP on Facebook. (Yes, the RSVP is only on Facebook after all this is the FDG!).