To better engage creative agencies and individuals on Facebook, the social network has created Facebook Studio. Facebook Studio Awards and Facebook Studio Edge to help educate, inspire and recognize them.

Advertising is a major revenue stream for Facebook, and it is not surprising to see the social network giant looking to engage the people behind all the cool advertising campaigns more. In comes Facebook Studio. This effort was set up about a year ago and provides a platform for agencies and creative individuals to share their work on it.

According to Facebook, the two main purposes for Facebook Studio are to provide agencies with access to inspirations and to recognize those that do great work. Facebook Studio allows agencies and individuals to create their own profile, link it to their existing Facebook profile, and upload their campaigns. Linking your Facebook Studio profile to your Facebook account is similar to that of a Facebook app. Campaigns which involves more than one contributor, which is in most cases, can have all contributors credited. Probably, the easiest way to describe Facebook Studio would be Crunchbase for the creative industry, on social steroids.

Profile page on Facebook Studio

To recognize the amazing work shared on Facebook Studio, the Facebook Studio Awards were held for the first time this year. The awards saw a selected panel of qualified judges picking some of the best marketing campaigns in the world. To date, Facebook Studio hosts over 750 pieces of work done by agencies from over 40 countries. About 10 percent of the submissions are from the Asia-Pacific region with half of them coming from Australia alone. Clearly looking to grow their presence in Asia, the team in charge of Facebook Studio is in town to meet agencies based in Singapore. The Lion City has about 10 agencies with presence on Facebook Studio.

So what’s to be expected for next year? The Facebook Studio Awards 2013 of course. Working on feedback from the previous awards, the team will be opening the submissions to brands themselves, instead of just agencies. All submission for the awards should consider these criteria:

  • Is the campaign social?
  • Does it make full use of Facebook marketing products?
  • Does it integrate with other media?
  • Does it scale?

Currently, all submission must be in English. Any foreign language submission should have their videos accompanied with the necessary English subtitling. The team also mentioned that they are considering having a regional judge join the panel. With a couple of candidates already in mind, they have yet to announce their decision.

Other than just the recognition, Facebook is also working on feedback, especially from brands, on the need for information on how to make Facebook work for them. With Facebook pumping out changes on a regular basis, brands and digital marketers have to be kept in the loop about the new features that can be used to help increase their engagements with customers. Currently, Facebook has a Learning Lab, hosted under Facebook Studio. But, come end of July, the service will be relaunched as Facebook Studio Edge and features a modular system of interactive educational programs that covers three verticals – Pages, Ads and Technology. Users can access these resources and complete modules under the verticals of interest. Facebook clarifies that Facebook Studio Edge is not an official certification program. Facebook Studio Edge is a lightweight, easy-to-use social learning and recognition program that helps keep agencies up to speed with Facebook’s latest platform offerings.

Facebook Studio Edge employs a gamified system by rewarding the completion of modules with a status for each vertical. However, with every new update, users have a grace period to complete the additional modules before their awarded statuses are downgraded. This keeps users coming back to Facebook Studio Edge and also provides users with the incentive to proactively keep themselves updated with the latest changes on Facebook.