Fashionspace offers the first of its kind in Asia: it is the first Fashion Affiliate Program. Overall, Fashionspace is a social publishing platform that allows users to discover designers and trends, create “lookbooks” on the world’s first Social Magazine and most importantly: monetize their blogs and social networks.

I was an instant fan of this site, regardless of the fact that this kind of platform is nothing new to the States—something that founder, Danielle Siauw tried to impress upon me. This fact doesn’t phase me, I am convinced that FashionSpace does it better, even if on a smaller scale.

Shopstyle pageThe biggest competitor I could find from the States is ShopStyle, but that is using the term “competitor” very lightly. They are similar sites, but not similar enough to compete with each other.

ShopStyle is similar to FashionSpace because of a free service it offers called ShopSense. Like FashionSpace, it allows bloggers to create looks that they can post to their sites and earn money based on links to retailer’s sites that their readers travel to.

While ShopStyle is focused on providing an outlet for online shopping, FashionSpace is all about the social publishing platform it affords its users and the ability for publishers to make money off of their blogs, as well as providing a new way for retailers and brands to advertise on the web.

FashionSpace SingaporeThe home page of FashionSpace is all about the platform they are selling (creating looks and social fashion magazines to be published on your blog and monetized), not the retail products they also list. ShopStyle is focused on retail products instead.

I find it strange that even as you are able to create a “look” on ShopStyle, they do not attempt to navigate you to ShopSense, which has a more advanced style/look creator that one can use to embed looks on your blog and make money.

ShopStyle might be better for shopping a wider range of items, but in terms of the unique platform that FashionSpace offers, I think they do it much better than ShopSense.

FashionSpace is very user-friendly and straightforward. You can search products individually or by looks and have the option of favorite-ing them to save for creating looks later. To publish a look is extremely easy and they offer cool editing tools (as does ShopSense, though I think its more complicated and doesn’t even look as good) in order to make your looks more creative and attractive.

I really enjoy the focus of FashionSpace that I mentioned earlier. It is all about the looks and magazines you are able to create and embed on your blog to earn money. It doesn’t mix a site dedicated to shopping (ShopStyle) and throw in another service that is a spin off of that site for monetizing your blog (ShopSense). It is all in one place. The Dashboard on FashionSpace is extremely simple and easy to navigate. You are able to manage your looks and magazines as well as easily access and view your Analytics/ Daily Earnings.

A huge separating factor of the two sites is that FashionSpace has the first online Social Magazine available. Publishers that use the site (bloggers, etc.) can go in and create virtual extended lookbooks/magazines. This is also a great tool for brands and retail shops to go online and create their “Fall 2012” Look-book and link it to their website or Facebook page.

Not only does FashionSpace offer this magazine creator, it also has a unique draw for Westerners and Asians alike. The site features a lot of up and coming Asian designers. These designers flock to the site to try to advertise and tap into Western markets. Similarly, Western brands and retailers use the site to tap into Asian markets and potential shoppers. Additionally, US shoppers/fashion bloggers use FashionSpace to shop for local Asian brands and vice versa

Ultimately, FashionSpace is simple and to the point. It is a great product with a clear message and goal and I think that it’s Asian focus will not prohibit it from growing and becoming increasingly popular in the States and Europe. The ease with which it allows publishers to make money off of well-crafted fashion blogs has inspired me to become a blogger myself. Make no mistake, I will be using FashionSpace over ShopSense, even though I will be back in the States.

Bailey MonteBailey Monte is currently an intern for Fetch Plus Inc as well as contributing writer for e27 and Charlton Media Group. Back in the states, she is the Opinions Editor for her school newspaper. She was the Today Show’s Youth Correspondent 2006-2008 reporting and producing stories, ultimately interviewing Miley Cyrus and other notable people. She hopes to follow a career path in broadcast journalism in the future.