It’s always the sparkly-yet-simple accessories for a smartphone that garner the most attention, and this Kickstarter project is no exception.

Enter the Chiffon and Lumo; the former is a transparent crystal dock for your iPhone while the latter is a smart LED charging cable. While one can work without the other, project creator Eugene Luk and his Cafe Studio team say on the crowdfunding page that users should get the complete kit so they can see them work together in tandem.

The Chiffon dock not only looks pretty and blends with whatever table or shelf you have, but also fits with current and future iPhone iterations. The Lumo cable is able to measure current and change LED colors appropriate to the situation, looks nice when inside the Chiffon, and is MFI certified if you’re into all things Apple-certified. We just think it looks cool when you see your iPhone levitate in the air with some flashing lights at the bottom, like it’s landing on some imaginary spaceship runway.


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The name for the dock was inspired by Luk’s love of pandan chiffon cakes. “When we were setting up our Cafe Studio, we were looking for a simple elegant dock as a decoration. But we just couldn’t find a suitable one that matched our Cafe. When we looked at the chiffon cake, we asked ourselves a question: Can a dock be shaped like chiffon with iPhone resting comfortably on it and will it be nicer if the dock was made of crystal glass? How will it look like when there’s a beam of light penetrating from inside?”

Right now, the Kickstarter project has gone over its US$1,885 goal, with US$9,475 accumulated. With only a few more hours to go, users can pledge more than US$46 if they wish to get a Chiffon and Lumo set for their hipster-tailored houses or tables this September. It’s good to know that simple shapes and ideas from the most ordinary of confectioneries can amount to funky application design.