Q1: As a brief, what is Mandiri Capital Indonesia’s FINSPIRE?

1. What is FINSPIRE

FINSPIRE 2016 brings together innovative financial technology organizations, local startup communities and passionate individuals to create conversations, ideas and opportunities that will redefine financial services in moving fintech forward. At FINSPIRE 2016 the best opportunities within the local fintech industry as well as across the region will be showcased through a series of key highlighted events: FINSPIRE: Frontrunners and FINSPIRE: Summit.

2. What is FINSPIRE: Frontrunners

The FINSPIRE: Frontrunners program kicks off with the search for top fintech startups who will be involved in an exclusive, invite only workshop with direct access to the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors to help startups kickstart, scale and level up. The program is exclusively reserved and catered for fintech startups that has been chosen by Mandiri Capital Indonesia and e27.

3. What is FINSPIRE: Summit

The FINSPIRE: Summit 2016 will focus on bringing together innovative fintech organizations, startups and passionate individuals looking to listen, share and participate in conversations that will redefine financial services in moving fintech forward.

Q2: Where and when is FINSPIRE happening?

The FINSPIRE: Frontrunners program will take place in Mandiri Inkubator Bisnis, Jakarta, Indonesia on the 7th November 2016, while the FINSPIRE: Summit 2016 will be held in Soehanna Hall, Jakarta, Indonesia on the 9th November 2016. Add them to your calendar now!

Q3: If I am joining the FINSPIRE: Frontrunner program, will I be able to attend the FINSPIRE: Summit event?

Yes you can! The FINSPIRE: Frontrunner program and the FINSPIRE: Summit event are held on different dates (7th and 9th November respectively), so you will be able to attend both events as you are automatically entitled to ONE ticket to the FINSPIRE: Summit event.

Q4. Why should I attend FINSPIRE?

1. As a startup

Learn the best practices of the growing a business in fintech and hear from some of the best minds in the industry.

2. As a government regulator

Get up close and personal with some of the brightest fintech startups in Indonesia to find out what’s new and exciting in the industry.

3. As a tech corporate

Be seen as the thought leader in the fintech industry and in moving fintech forward.

4. As media

Gain first hand coverage of the latest fintech industry news.

5. As an investor

Be an initial investor in the early stages of growth of the fintech industry.

Q5. Will I be charged to attend FINSPIRE?

No. FINSPIRE is a free event, with the purpose of improving the fintech scene in Indonesia but your application will be vetted before your tickets are released. So what are you waiting for? RSVP here

Q6. For further inquiries, please direct them to [email protected]