What is Frontrunners

The FINSPIRE: Frontrunners program kicks off with the search for the top fintech startups who will be involved in an exclusive, invite only workshop with direct access to the most relevant mentors, partners, investors to help startups kickstart, scale and level up.

The program ends with the finale where handpicked startups will go head to head in pitching and demonstrating their product and solutions on FINSPIRE: Summit 2016 Main Stage.

Call for Applications

Applications will open on 7th October 2016

Workshop and Semi Finals Pitching

Startups will participate in the workshop and semi final pitching session

Final Pitching

Handpicked startups will pitch in the finals during FINSPIRE: Summit 2016 Main Stage

Winner Selected

1 winner will be selected

In Partnership with

The Requirements

The following are some of the criterias to be eligible to undergo FINSPIRE: Frontrunners 2016 Program:

  • 1. Company must at least have a working minimum viable product

    a. The company must be in the growing phase and ready to accept funding from investors. The Company must also be in the midst of scaling up to gain market share, develop operational systems and recruit human resources

  • 2. Must be headquartered in Indonesia

    a. The Company must be headquartered in Indonesia and runs most of its business in Indonesia

  • 3. Must offer innovative solutions in Financial Technology field

    a. The Company’s products and solutions must meet the following fields:

    i. Risk Analysis

    ii. FX and Trading

    iii. Vertical Banks

    iv. Blockchain

    v. Financial Inclusion

    vi. Lending

    vii. Wealth Management

    viii. Payments

    ix. Big Data

    x. Fraud Detection and AML

    xi. Security

    xii. Analytics Tools

    xiii. Insurance

    xiv. Internet of Things

    xv. APIs

    xvi. Bank Customer Relations and Services