All 30 Mario Kart Characters, Reviewed / A.V Club

This one got me in hysterics. Rather than crafting a typical analysis on the new Wii U racing game Mario Kart 8 and whether it’s the one true game that will lift Nintendo’s new console out of its slump, writer John Teti took a u-turn. He analysed each of the core characters in the game in a humorous-yet-insightful fashion.

Articles like this inspire others to take a spin on the old. Just because something or a piece of news is out a month or so ago, doesn’t mean there’s nothing newsworthy to write about it as long as you still have your grey matter in your head still a-ticking. Plus, I do agree with his assessment. Mario has always been tailored as the average joe tailored for newbies in the kart racing genre, while Princess Peach has always been there because Nintendo is lazy in giving her more than a bland personality.

Also, I learned who Morton Downey Jr. is. It’s never too late to learn something new, even if it’s just trivia from the US of A.

- Jonathan Toyad, Games Editor

Chris and Cameron / The Great Discontent

Chris Shiflett and Cameron Koczon are two designers, entrepreneurs and developers as well as partners of Fictive Kin. They also organise Brooklyn Beta, and they go into extensive detail about their working relationship and history on how they started working together, as well as organising a conference from the ground up together.

What struck me about this interview, was how inspiring their story was. Not in the traditional sense of inspiration, but more about how two people involved in their community, built something for and with their community. It was encouraging to read the story of how Brooklyn Beta came about, and how when regular folk come together, they can do something extraordinary together.

- Brian Koh, Product Marketing Manager

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