One of the many topics that has received a lot of discussion on e27 is the rise of startups revolving around the concept of an online peer to peer task outsourcing marketplace, a concept made popular by US based TaskRabbit.

We wrote that there were five startups operating in the same space. Currently the two most active ones are TaskAmigo, recently rumoured to be partnering with SingTel, and FlagAHero, which walked away with the top incubation award at the recent Ideas Inc Business Challenge. The award also sees FlagAHero winning S$ 100,000 from Invention Capital.

Earlier last week, FlagAHero sent out a email to all its subscribers, in which they shared their founding journey, so far. The email wrote about their idea conception, what they have been up to, and announced their FlagAHero Gossips.

Dear Super Heroic Friends!

It is Ken and Yumi here. How have you all been? The year of 2012 is coming to an end soon with barely 2 more months to go. We hope all of you have lead a meaningful year. It has been an exciting journey for FlagAHero. Unofficially, FlagAHero started to sprout out of nothing to something, 365 days ago.

The Heroic Story

One year ago, we have this crazy idea, “how wonderful life can be if one can get help from the community as easy as flagging for a taxi”. With this line, the name for FlagAHero is decided and things got crazier and crazier after that. We know starting up something like FlagAHero can be difficult, but we didn’t know it is really THAT DIFFICULT. Designs, infrastructure development, financials, marketing, people, trusts, conceptuals, critics and the list goes on and is still growing now. Still, we persist on, day after day. We have even quitted our jobs to focus full-time on developing this business.

Top Incubation Award at Ideas Inc Business Challenge 2012

We tried our luck at Ideas Inc Business Challenge 2012, a 11 months business acceleration competition organised by Nanyang Technological Center. 280 teams have submitted for this competition. “Not much chance” we thought then, but it will be good to learn something out of this. It has been an enriching experience for us throughout the months. On 22 September 2012, FlagAHero received one of the “Top Incubation Award” by Invention Captial, which promised us equity funding offer to seed our business operations.

It is really amazing . All these happened, because we have a crazy idea back then. Find out more about our Ideas Inc’s success at our blog post.

All of you are our heroes

We really appreciate everyone of you who are reading this Gossip as all of you here have signed up for FlagAHero. Without all of you, we will not be able to bring FlagAHero to this current stage. People are joining us everyday. We have witnessed people helping one another to get things done and solved problems together. It is really very heartening to see that kind of collaborative spririt coming out of the community.

We know we do not have alot of things going right yet and we are doing our best to give everyone the best FlagAHero’s experience. We thank you for your trust and belief.

Special Badge: First 300 Badge

Everyone of you who are reading this should have a special badge awarded to your account. The First 300 Badge is supposed to be only for our first 300 users, but we decided to widen the space for more users. Ultimately, the first 300 badge will help us to identify our pioneer users as we really value the support you have given to us at this early stage. We will be looking into providing certain promotions and benefits just for our pioneer members to thank them for the support.

The award of the badge will close today on 26 October 2012, 11.59pm.

What is FlagAHero Gossips

Beside our Facebook page, FlagAHero Gossips will be our new form of communication platform between us and you. This is essentially a form of newsletter but “newsletter” is a boring word. Something we have learnt from our journey is that people does listen when you are true to them, from heart to heart. So this is not just a newsletter, this is us gossiping to you as friends.

Why Gossips? With reference from Wikipedia, “Gossip is an important mean by which people can monitor cooperative reputations and so maintain widespread indirect reciprocity.[2] Indirect reciprocity is defined here as “I help you and somebody else helps me.” This effectively brings out the essence of FlagAHero, the spirit of helping one another.

FlagAHero Gossips. We gossip to you. Email us if you want to gossip to us back.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more updates! The next one will be coming really soon!

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Heroic Regards,
Ken Toh and Yumi Wong
Founders of FlagAHero

Final thoughts

I really loved how the co-founders of FlagAHero have hustled their way to acquire users. Both Ken and Yumi quit their full time corporate jobs to start FlagAHero with a simple vision of helping to make life easier for everyone. A huge leap of faith is required and both the co-founders genuinely believe in the business model. e27 wishes the team all the best.