Flipter, an Echelon 2011 alumni, has been busy since we last met founder Salvador De La Barrera in June at the event. The Hong Kong-based question and answer social platform enables users to tap into public insight on any topic in a fun way. As an exhibitor, Flipter launched its service at Echelon and managed to gather valuable feedback from the conference’s attendees.

According to Sal, ” When we came back to Hong Kong we were invigorated, we took the feedback and got to work. Since Echelon, we have changed some of the design of our site. One of our new features includes the ability to group the questions. People now can use Flipter not only to create polls but to create surveys in a fun, social and easy fashion.” Another key feature that Flipter implemented after receiving feedback was the ability to follow people other than your friends. “One special thing about Flipter’s follow feature, is that it let’s you see how compatible you are with your friends and everyone on the network, the compatibility is based on the responses that people has given to questions and the interests they follow,” said Sal.

Apart from developing features, Flipter is also going through exciting times from the business side of things.Recently, the startup was selected to participate, in prestigious global accelerator program called Start-up Chile which offers US $40,000 of equity-free seed capital. According to Sal, “We are very excited about this news. With the program we will temporarily relocate to Chile and continue our efforts to raise more funds, develop our network, as well as continue to build our product. We find that since Flipter is already in Spanish and English, Chile is a good fit. 2012 is an exciting time for Flipter with presidential elections in various countries including USA, Mexico and Germany. We want to see people turning to Flipter when analyzing polls on who will win these elections.”

So, with new features added, an improved social widget and being accepted into Start-up Chile, what next does Sal has planned for Flipter? ” Our product has reach a level of maturity that we feel will now allow us to focus more on our marketing efforts. Our first step is to start working on building partnerships with web publishers and bloggers that are interested in improving the way their polls work through the quality and engagement of questions,” hints Sal, “together with these web publishers, we hope to become the social media application for polls and surveys and to become a place of reference where people can go to when looking to find out other people’s opinions on various topics. We want to become the Wikipedia of people’s opinions.”

It looks like Flipter is moving fast and heading in the right direction. Looking forward to hearing more about their Start-up Chile experience. All the best Sal!

Wait, isn’t a Malaysian General Election somewhere around the corner?