Flocations, an online travel startup based in Singapore, is expanding and looking to hire.

Tough job market out there? Join a startup. After successfully incubating at the 100 day bootcamp organized by a local incubator JFDI.asia, which is part of the Global Accelerator NetworkFlocations is now hiring. The Flocations blog post reads, “If you want to free the world from the ubiquitous way of searching travel that online travel agencies have trapped us in for the past 20 years, read the profiles we are looking for and contact us!”

So what does Flocations actually do? We did an interview few months back with cofounder Tudor Coman which explains: “Planning should be as fun as actually going on the trip. Unfortunately, it’s not. People get a lot of joy in daydreaming about their next getaway and actually being on that getaway. However, between those two there is a huge dip; planning and booking. We want to fill that gap with an excellent user experience and this is the reason Flocations is being built; to bring the joy back into planning and booking!”

Photo: Flocations Team

If you have a passion for the travel industry and excited about the working environment of a startup, Flocations will fit your bill. They are looking for community managers and web designers. The job descriptions (taken from their blog) are as follows:

Community Manager
The Flocations Community Manager will be in charge of running Flocations’ marketing and customer facing efforts. The Flocations team consists of engineers, developers, finance and business people. The Community Manager chosen will have artistic freedom in creating unique marketing campaigns to drive customer adoption and remarketing campaigns to retain customers. The Community Manager will be working alongside business people and graphic designers to create marketing material as well as creating the overall unification message to resonate across South East Asia. Flocations’ marketing destiny is in your hands, young padawan, can you handle it?

Web Designer
The Flocations interface is seen as disruptive. The web designer should know that Flocations is one of the only products that has a carte blanche or a blue ocean in terms of future designs – there are no constraints to where it can go and it does not have to abide by traditional online travel agency interfaces. The web designer should have strong user interfacing skills to complement graphical design and drive the utility and fluidity of the interface to the next level. Also, if most of your previous web designs consist of pink and black together, please hit the “next job available” on this website.