Another location-based food gaming platform joins in the fray in the form of Menoo, which launched its BlackBerry and Android app on June 21 at CommunicAsia in Singapore.

Developed by PT. Elasitas Multi Kreasi, Menoo is currently in Beta, but you can register yourself at their website to get an invitation to join in, or you could directly download the *.jad file.

With this app, users can find out what are the recommended restaurants or dishes close to them, and they can contribute to the database of restaurants, send messages, upload pictures, vote for their favorite dishes and write restaurant reviews. The app also incorporates Google Maps and augmented reality technology as a way for users to discover what restaurants are available around them.

View Menoo’s promotional video here:

According to the developer, Menoo has over 3,000 restaurant menus from around Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and the US. It also inked an exclusive content partnership with the Indonesia-based JalanSutra online food community site, and in the US, they have tied-up with

While there are several other food-discovery apps out in the South East Asian market, including WootFood, Tasterous, and CampusFork, Menoo aims to distinguish itself from the rest through AR-based technology and being able to find a restaurant according to a particular menu or dish.

“The trend is not only to create applications that people like, but to create application that people like and increase their social interaction,” said Elasitas CEO Calvin Kizana in a press release.

While this is the app’s first official launch in Asia, Meeno is no stranger to the world. Kizana first unveiled Menoo in February during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona,  followed by another announcement in March at the Android Developer Conference in San Francisco, and most recently in May during the BlackBerry World Conference in Florida. Last year at the Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest, the app was awarded first place in the Games & Entertainment app section.

“This is the perfect time to show the world that we’re more than just consumers. We are also creators; and I believe that in the near future Indonesia will emerge as one of the leading producers of content application,” Kizana said at the in the BlackBerry World Conference.