Burpple launches hot pink app with a beautiful design after months of open beta.

Whether you are building a web app or mobile app, a beautifully designed app sells. Not only does it provides a better user experience, it also helps in retaining users. Launched officially yesterday, Burpple, a social food sharing app, fits the bill. Think of Burpple as the Instagram for food, where you can take photos of your foods, upload and them and organize them into albums called ‘boxes’, you can also follow interesting people and look at their recommendations.

After the launch, we spoke to a few users in the community on what are their thoughts about the app. Richerd Chan, a Canadian developer, said that, “Burpple is a beautifully designed and well thought out app.  The team has done an amazing job at crafting a seamless food sharing experience.  My only problem with Burpple is that every time I open it, I always get hungry. I look forward to see what is going to come next from Burpple.”

Spencer Yang, cofounder of ArtKred who recently presented at our Singapore Satellite, agrees and said that, “browsing the Burpple application really makes me want to go out there and try all the food! Although I am not much of a food photographer, but the sleek user interface really encourages me to collect my food memories, especially so when I travel out of town.”

Burpple team delivering their press kit to e27

Will social food sharing be the next huge wave? The team certainly thinks so. “One in four smartphone users in the world take pictures of their meals everyday. These photos that would potentially tell great gastronomical adventures are often left dormant in our smartphones or get drowned out on generic social media. Burpple aims to solve that,” said Dixon Chan, co-founder at Burpple. Not surprisingly in Singapore where we are bonded by food, Burpple shared that during the few weeks of open beta, Burpple saw similar early stage user activity as popular mobile photo-sharing app, Instagram – where 15 percent of registered users uploaded more than 10 food moments, of which 35 percent of them uploaded more than 50 food moments.

Burpple was also approached by Singapore Tourism Board to turn Burpple’s “How to Order Kopi like a Pro” infographic into giant billboards for a ‘Get Lost Maze’ event held in Melbourne, Australia. In conjunction with that, it launched HelpKopiGoOverseas.com – a creative social media campaign to connect and promote Singapore coffee and food culture to rest of the world – first stop in Melbourne, Australia. With the various milestones which the team achieved over the last few months, we are definitely keeping our eyes on this hot and pink Singapore based startup.

The app is available on iOS, and can be downloaded for free.