Holistics, Pickupp and SmartPeep have won the Judges choice award at the the kickoff leg of the Echelon TOP100 roadshow in Singapore today.

The three winners competed in three different tracks at BASH, Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) and Red Dot Ventures in Block 79. They will receive a fastrack to pitch at the Echelon Asia Summit in Singapore on June, 28-29a six-month pass to use any WeWork space in Southeast Asia and a US$500 cash prize.

Furthermore, Southern Taiwan Science Park was on hand to choose their favourite artificial intelligence-based company. They will be fast-tracked to participate in the agency’s accelerator programme in Taiwan this year.

The winner of this award was the recruitment startup Blonk.

Finally, e27 ran an online poll for the ‘fan favourite’ and the winners from each track were as follows:

Now, let’s take a deeper look into the four big winners of Echelon TOP100 in Singapore!


Blonk leverages artificial intelligence and a tinder-esque UI to help employers and employees find their match.

It uses the swiping function like Tinder — but then has a proprietary algorithm that learns along the way. The goal is to help facilitate the jobs matching process in a manner of seconds.

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A lot of time people are not entirely sure what they are looking for until they start searching. Blonk hopes to take advantage of by learning from user behaviour to help point people in the correct direction.

The discovery process leverages notifications, suggested jobs and an option to browse random jobs.

Blonk also has a fantastic Founding story that involves a chance connection and a meeting in a Silicon Valley pizza parlour.


Holistics is a data analytics company that says it is ‘designed for professionals’ and wants to be the “Adobe for data”. This means that while it admits it has a high barrier to entry, it thinks that once a user sees what it offers, it will be hard to go back.

Think about switching from Adobe Premiere Pro to iMove — Premiere is harder to learn, but after getting the hang of it, iMovie feels pointless.

Holistics takes raw data and transforms it into useful insights and has a list of clients that are considered some of the most successful startups in Southeast Asia — Grab, Traveloka, 99.co and Kaodim.


Pickupp wants to provide logistics to  people who run B2C and C2C e-commerce shops.

Think of the people who have made a little business of selling goods on Carousell. At the most, these stores can offer next-day delivery at a premium price. Pickupp wants to help them run their deliveries in hours, not days and be able to offer a cheap delivery fee.

They can provide a service so a one-man shop in their HDB flat can offer 4-hour delivery across Singapore.

It is recruiting an army of delivery people whose job it is to come to the home or small business, grab the goods and bring it to the location. Instead of a Carousell seller meeting their customers in some random MRT station, they can pay anywhere from S$6 – S$8 (US$4.55 – US$6) to have a Pickupp delivery person facilitate the delivery.

The company operates in Hong Kong and Singapore — which makes sense considering both cities are quite dense.


SmartPeep is a real-time monitoring device to help nurses keep track of their patients. It uses artificial intelligence to streamline how hospitals can monitor patients who are at a high risk of falling or have sub-acute or chronic conditions.

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For example, patient restlessness is a legitimate issue and often times people will attempt to get out of bed by themselves. For weak patients, this can be dangerous if they  fall and further injure themselves. SmartPeep has built a technology to help nurses better monitor these types of patients.

It is working to build a machine learning technology that is truly predictive.