A technical introduction to the Windows Phone platform by Mani Krishnamurthy from Nokia at Friday Hacks on 9 March.

This post is a first hand account from NUS Hackers on their weekly Friday Hacks, an IDA supported event to promote student developers throughout the tech startup community.

This has got to be one of the most exciting Friday Hacks ever! For this week, there were more than 40 attendees for the two talks arranged for the evening.

First up, Mohit Singh Kanwal, an NUS Computer Science student, held his talk on Sync, Sink, Sync! Mohit is a great fan, and a passionate developer of Mozilla products like the Thunderbird and Firefox. In his talk, Mohit shared about his contributions to the Mozilla Open Source Project, specifically on the Thunderbird. He highlighted some of the challenges he faced, and his witty workarounds these problems, which was great for the budding developers in the audience as these valuable experiences could definitely be helpful in their own projects.

Mohit, a member of the winning team in NUS’s iCreate Mobility Challenge 2011, is also an active developer in school. He went on talking about one of his pet project about integrating Dropbox syncing capabilities with the school’s e-learning system. He demonstrated how easy it really was to create one such application, and the crowd was really encouraged and motivated, booting up their laptops and signing up for their own API keys via the school’s site to kick start writing their own personal version of a syncing application!

Next, Mani Krishnamurthy, Nokia EDX Technical Manager, went up and provided a Technical Introduction to the Windows Phone Platform. Mani, currently working at Nokia Singapore, is part of a team that is responsible for growing the ecosystem of developers and applications in the whole of SEA. You can follow him on Twitter @manikantan_k.

Mani described how Nokia, in close collaboration with Microsoft, has made developing on the Windows Phone platform so much more easier than before. He touched on the Windows Phone SDK, and that it provides a closely guided environment for budding developers who are writing their first mobile application, as well as advanced tools that are would proved to be extra useful for experienced developers.

As part of encouraging developers to work on writing Windows Phone applications, Mani pulled up statistics regarding the Windows Phone Marketplace’s market share, which remains to be competitive to RIM’s BlackBerry App World especially in the Asia-Pacific region. This would definitely be one of the most motivating factors that will get developers started!

Finally, the climax of the evening! Nokia Singapore was really generous to give away a brand new Nokia Lumia 710 to one of the attendees. All eyes were on the little blue box at the front of the room when the lucky draw began.

Congrats to Rohit, also the birthday boy on that day, on walking away with the Nokia Lumia 710!

NUS Hackers is a student-run organisation in the NUS dedicated in the spreading of the hacker culture and free/open-source software. To find out more who they are, what they do, head to their web page at http://nushackers.org.