SiamSquared Technologies is a familiar name. The Thai company last made headlines for launching its stock market management app StockRadars to help reduce risk for investors playing the market. Today, its CEO and Co-founder Max Kortrakul told e27 that the firm will soon be launching another app to reduce some other sort of risk.

Enter StreeRadars, a beauty finder app which will help solve the problem of an apparent “lack of aesthetically pleasing individuals in real life”. Stree is a Thai word for ‘lady’, and radars refer to the detection system. Powered by the engine to gather all good looking women, the app will first be launched in Thailand and Vietnam where there is an abundance of pleasant faces. Kortrakul noted that the app has been submitted to the App Store, and is currently waiting for approval.

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The app will draw from all the images of the ‘restrict’ category on, a website launched by Computerlogy to track Facebook trends, and then rank the images according to a patent-pending beauty rating algorithm that uses image recognition on cloud, explained Kortrakul, adding, “We can’t help but notice the dearth of pretty faces on the streets these days due to the political situation, so we decided that there needs to be a change.”

While there are many challenges to launching such an app in Thailand and Vietnam, the entrepreneur noted that the biggest problem is to get his employees to focus on doing work, instead of ogling at the women in the photographs. “We wanted to launch the app on the Valentines’ Day weekend but my developers were all slacking off,” he added.

In the future, SiamSquared Technologies might release a similar app for females to look at males. “There’s no intent to create any sort of sexual objectification here. We know we have female users who might want a similar app, so you can look forward to that too,” he said.

It’s April Fools’ Day. Don’t believe everything you read.