Nikkei reports that the new venture capital fund (about US$17 million) aims to create business synergies between these startups and the many subsidiaries and businesses that Fuji TV runs, including radio stations, the recording business and mail-order shopping.

Television is not exactly a new frontier for startups, with brands, developers and established companies trying to find the right marriage between traditional TV and Internet and mobile-based offerings. Recently, U.S.-based social-TV startup Kwarter raised US$4 million to develop second-screen applications for brands and businesses, for instance. In the Asia Pacific region, though, partnerships look more toward content development and distribution of existing programming through IP-based technologies, such as streaming media and mobile devices.

Fuji TV’s setting up of a fund is timely, with today’s younger generations eschewing televiewing in favor of reading and watching content on mobile devices. Television viewership is already on the decline says a comScore study, as consumers now favor on-demand programming and mobile content.

via Tech in Asia