Fundacity, an online investment platform that connects startups with accelerators, investors and business plan competitions, has announced it has been acquired by Gust, a global funding platform that helps startups manage and source for early-stage investments.

This move will see Fundacity integrate its cloud-based software into Gust’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fundraising tool – and bridge its accelerators and incubators’ startups with Gust’s investors, as well as promote its programmes to startups in Gust’s portfolio.

In the words: Fundacity and Gust will become a mega startup platform combining the resources — accelerators, investors, startups, incubators — from leading tech ecosystems including Silicon Valley, to deliver a major boost to entrepreneurship globally.

CEO and Co-founder Miklos Grof believes this will have particular significance for Asia’s tech ecosystem – as it has a large presence in the region.

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“This acquisition will strengthen the capabilities of the Gust platform and extend our reach across the global entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said David S. Rose, CEO of Gust, in a press release. “Through this new relationship, Gust and Fundacity are responding to the market by providing a solution that expands the reach of world-class accelerators while simultaneously delivering a pipeline for early-stage investors.”

Founded in 2012, Fundacity offers accelerators, incubators, angel groups, governments and business plan competitions in 152 countries a cloud-based dashboard to manage their startup evaluation process.

Gust offers a suite of products and services to foster collaborations among its network of 45,000 accredited investors and 300,000 startups in 190 countries. Its investor networks are focussed on primarily early-stage investments.

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